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Album: Strokes, The   Collection:General
Artist:Strokes, The   Added:Jan 2016
Label:Bmg Music  

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The Modern Age
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Hard To Explain
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Album Review
Reviewed 2016-03-29
Easily the greatest album released by The Strokes. Filled with consistently faded and chill rock. A little bit too consistent for those looking for variety, but some variety with tempo and volume.

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Favorites: 1, 4, 5, 7, 11
Best: 5

1. (2:31) ***** Is This It – The simplicity of this song cannot be understated, from the drums to the alternating guitar to the groovy bass, wrapped up in a somber song of delight.
2. (3:28) **** The Modern Age – Upbeat with a sick guitar solo and a lot of low tom action. A shift up in octave for the louder verses and a nice ride cymbal accompanied with rhythmic strums for the chorus.
3. (2:33) **** Soma – Medium tempo, a shift in octave with accompanying guitar picking, with a classic 4 big rock note bridge and intro.
4. (3:54) ***** Barely Legal – Rhythmic verses with sick riffs and an iconic pre-chorus. May cause shivers. Chorus does not disappoint either.
5. (3:03) ***** Someday – The classic drum beat that shifts between hi hat and ride, rhythm guitar, and lead that define this band. Upbeat, and up anyone’s alley.
6. (3:08) *** Alone, Together – Interesting riffs with simple vocals and drums. Less noteworthy than the others, but still chill nonetheless.
7. (3:13) ***** Last Night – The classic buildup with each instrument getting an introduction, culminating in a dance party-esque chorus, with another buildup pre-chorus. Oh, and a sweet skillful guitar solo.
8. (3:44) **** Hard To Explain – Unique hit hat intensity with a consistent beat and layered guitar throughout, with the--you guessed it—ride chorus.
9. (2:55) **** When It Started – A bit less faded than the rest, with more complex beats and layering. Definitely unique, but sort of uneventful.
10. (3:23) *** Trying Your Luck – The most consistently somber song of the album besides track 1. Less noteworthy than track 1, unfortunately.
11. (3:16) ***** Take It Or Leave It – That chorus though. Classic hit-hat to ride and layered surrounding areas too. A good way to finish off this classic album.

Track Listing
1. Is This It   6. Alone, Together
2. The Modern Age   7. Last Night
3. Soma   8. Hard To Explain
4. Barely Legal   9. When It Started
5. Someday   10. Trying Your Luck
  11. Take It Or Leave It