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Album Review
Reviewed 2016-01-01
Song Cycle
(You were not there for the beginning. You will not be there for the end)
Reviewed by BravoMarco

Experimental pair from Oakland producing a feast for our senses. This release is a journey down a treacherous river, jump in & face the whitewater experience head on…the five tracks are inspired by a different piece of literature /event. Liner notes go into greater detail. Jacob Felix Heule and Danishta Rivero are the dynamic duo of the art house / experimental world. Vocal ecstasy & agony combined with various noises & manipulations. Loving them all.
Sort of like – Lila Downs, The Creatures, Diamada Galas, MyTrip, Virgin Prunes
No FCC’s detected in English (not sure of the Spanish)

1) Sonando (11:18) Soft & subtle with exquisite singing & sounds. Disturbing & uplifting at the same time. Slow jangly percussion heaven. It gets very slow at times, so you can get away with fading out at 4.25 if time is against you. Play it all though, it’s brilliant. Maybe the most assessable. (Spanish)
2) Empty And Without Pain (7:47) More screamy amid the slow paced violence – Not for the faint hearted.
3) A Meager Labyrinth (5:25) Slower paced with genteel singing. The last 80 seconds are a vocalized art-house feast.
4) Mi Falible Mano (5:14) Previous sounds carry on. Screams & squawks compete with nails down a chalkboard.
5) I Am A Recording Instrument (10:48) Tom Waits-ish opening then a unique harshness takes over. An experimental punk opera of sorts. Gets low after the 7th minute – long long fade, with various murmurs & groans along the way – Worth playing to the end.

Track Listing
1. Sonando   3. A Meager Labyrinth
2. Empty And Without Pain   4. Mi Falible Mano
  5. I Am A Recording Instrument