Sabbatical / Sundown
Album: Sundown   Collection:General
Artist:Sabbatical   Added:Dec 2015
Label:Love All Day  

Album Review
Dr. Information
Reviewed 2015-12-17

Love All Day

Oozy gooey warm synths

**1. (6:17) Low warm drone with warbly keyboards and oozy sounding synths
**2. (4:36) Warm fuzzy synths panning up and down
*3. (7:08) Drones hover anxious awaiting action, ominous but lovely
4. (5:24) Cheesy 80s synths with guitar strumming.
5. (6:03) Warm synths, slightly unharmonious chords
6. (6:02) Bleepy bloopy up and down very chill and calm and slightly eerie

Track Listing
1. Hills And Fences At Dawn   4. Blue Again
2. Sojourn North   5. Skyline
3. Sundown   6. Drifting In A Dream