Talk In Tongues / Alone With A Friend
Album: Alone With A Friend   Collection:General
Artist:Talk In Tongues   Added:Oct 2015
Label:Fairfax Recordings  

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While Everyone Was Waiting
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While Everyone Was Waiting
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While Everyone Was Waiting
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While Everyone Was Waiting
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Still Don't Seem To Care

Album Review
Reviewed 2015-11-01
Described in general as trippy, psych, energetic. I would say it's most similar to Tame Impala, the bass player in this band is phenomenal. You can tell what songs they had a producer work with them on and the other tracks fall kinda flat as vocal phrasing is often poor and musical elements compete incoherently on many tracks.
Recommend: 2, 4, 9
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1. mid-tempo rock swirl with vocal harmonizing, sounds influenced by early REM.
***2. Great bass hook, has dynamic quality in the composition, movement & great production. FAVE track.
3.mid-tempo, stripped down, has a pensive quality breaks into a cheesy pop song. I don't care for this track.
***4. Nice bass and driving guitars and drums, tight ride with feather-light male vocals, as you roll down the canyons.
*5. phlanged guitar, light male vocals which are folky & beachy with keyboard background.
6. more full sound with guitar and keyboard effects and percussive sounds could be full-on spooky 60's pop.. but unfortunately the vocal phrasing is off for me, doesn't go.
*7. Has cool percussive elements and starts slow with flute. Pop hook, like a slow Beach boys song. Vocal phrasing needs work again, more cohesive than 6.
8. Driving guitar takes the lead, vocal phrasing throws me again.
*9. Vocal texture, while the bass warms up the song and takes us places. A little too long, I took off a star for that.
*10. Slow song with reflective guitar, reminds me of the last Tame Impala record. But the vocal phrasing is more tired. Still has a cinematic quality to the music.
11. Again reminds me of Tame Impala, doesn't go anywhere but a short transition.

Track Listing
1. Time's Still (For No One Yet)   6. Always Fade
2. While Everyone Was Waiting   7. Call For No One Else
3. Mas Doper (Love Me Probably)   8. She Lives In My House
4. Still Don't Seem To Care   9. Who Would've Guessed
5. After Tonight   10. Always All The Time
  11. Somethings Always Change