Various Artists / Pdx Pop Now! 2015 Disc 2
Album: Pdx Pop Now! 2015 Disc 2   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Oct 2015

Recent Airplay
1. Nov 29, 2015: Breakaway Bluff
Bad Tattoos, The Dying Lights
4. Nov 07, 2015: Music Casserole
Halloween Superstore
2. Nov 15, 2015: Breakaway Bluff
5. Nov 03, 2015: Clean Copper Radio
If It Does
3. Nov 08, 2015: Breakaway Bluff
Halloween Superstore

Album Review
Reviewed 2015-10-25
The 2015 edition of PDX Pop Now! Another great collection of Oregon bands from pop, to rap, to folk, to instrumental, lots of good stuff on here. It is a 2 disk set, so I gave it 2 keys and 2 separate reviews to make finding tracks easier.

Disc 2 FCCs: 2, 8, 12, 21
Recommended from Disc 2: 6, **7**, **10**, 11, **13**, 14, 17, **18**

1. (4:22) Shoegazy, kind of Tame Impala-y, solid but not mind blowing.
2. (5:33) FCC FUCK Girl electronic pop, downtempo with rap verse.
3. (4:04) Electro-pop, male vocals, nothing groundbreaking but solid song
4. (2:22) This is likely considered Ska, which is probably why I don’t like it…
5. (4:04) Electronic backing, almost sounds like postal service but no where near as good.
6. (3:38) * Upbeat electronic indie pop, girl vox, reminds me of Metric combined with CHVRCHES
7. (4:31) ** Love this, sounds like A Fine Frenzy, piano, strings, steal brushes on the drums, 3/4 time, lovely.
8. (3:43) FCC SHIT Another great track, not quite sure how best to describe other than girl fronted rock song, great melody, slightly electronic effects but really just a solid and catch track, great baseline.
9. (3:29) This one is pretty boring, indie rock, male vocals.
10. (4:56) **I really like this one, distant and dreamy, super pretty, great melody, short and sweet.
11. (3:24) *Up beat rock’n’roll, slightly distorted, really good though.
12. (1:00) Punk track, pretty sure there are FCCs but I can’t tell.
13. ** (4:53) Cool instrumental track, almost Dan Deacon-y.
14. (3:51) * Great indie rock track, good lyrics, great melody, really like it.
15. (4:29) Country song, super pretty instrumentation.
16. (4:35) This is not my favorite, sounds like florence and the machine goes acoustic…maybe trying to sound like Joni Mitchell…a little to whiney for me.
17. (2:58) * Male + Female vocals, great melody, mid tempo, easy listening.
18. (3:42) ** Great track, really cool instrumentation, great female vocalists, down tempo electronicy
19. (3:12) This is super boring, downtempo, synth, wispy vocals.
20. (2:28) Distorted Rock, not my favorite but also not my genre.
21. (1:14) FCC FUCK Snappy, kind of punky, male and female vocals.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Cat Hoch Look What You Found
2. Dusty Fox Ft. Coco Columbia All The King's Men
3. Leo Islo Oh Dystopia
4. Mo Phillips Electric (Don't Even Try)
5. Pastel Mute Strangers
6. Fringe Class Halloween Superstore
7. Bacior, Robin If It Does
8. Thanks Bad Tattoos
9. Bibliothek Rorschach
10. Fourth Wall, The The Dying Lights
11. Kool Suff Katie Hard Girl To Know
12. Fine Pets More Condos Please
13. Stark, Dylan Shelter
14. Weather Machine, The As Long As We Get Along
15. Howard, Barna Indiana Rose
16. Luz Elena Mendoza Face To Face
17. Minden Saint
18. Wishyunu Photoplay
19. Fog Father Summer Heat
20. Bombay Beach Sonny
21. Chocolate Cool But Rude I'm Back