Velvet Underground, The / Best Of The Velvet Underground (Words And Music Of Lou Reed) , The

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Femme Fatale

Album Review
Reviewed 2016-03-29
Filled with music that helped define a generation, yet it transcends time. Classic rock with some added instrumentation for different effects. Topics include love and drugs. The truly great legacy of Lou Reed. FCC's: 4

Recommended Artists: Talking Heads, Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop, The Stooges

Favorites: 2, 4, 11, 14, 15
Best: 11

1. (4:45) *** I’m Waiting For The Man – Very chord heavy, many eighth notes. Catchy vocals with classic guitar flangar and picking.
2. (2:36) **** Femme Fatale – Tambourine substituted for hit-hat and very faded guitar picking makes for a chill song about female promiscuity.
3. (4:19) *** Run Run Run – Has an older sound than the rest, with a 1 a2 a3 a4 jazzy off beat.
4. (7:09) **** Heroin – The instrumentation coincides with the rush of heroin. A lot of gradual crescendos with a lot of distortion coming in around 3/5 through the song.
5. (5:57) *** All Tomorrow’s Parties – Steady tom beat with off beat guitar picking and a constant rhythm. Strange combination that works well.
6. (2:08) **** I’ll Be Your Mirror – Very relaxing, with tambourine every other beat to keep everyone on blissful track.
7. (2:45) *** White Light/White Heat – Has background lyrics that give off a 50’s vibe, and low volume crude guitar combined with upbeat classical piano.
8. (2:50) **** Stephanie Says – Xylophone is seriously on fleek. Happy, medium tempo with graceful violin and clean guitar picking.
9. (4:51) **** What Goes On – What’d you’d sing while hitching a ride on a train to pass the time. Upbeat, country vibes with added velvetiness.
10. (4:37) *** Beginning To See The Light – Fairly repetitive with a decent medium tempo beat and a crisp electric mixed with an acoustic guitar. Shouty vocals.
11. (5:39) ***** Pale Blue Eyes – It’s hard to stay objective for such a masterpiece. Just a tambourine, a gentle bass, two soft guitars, and Lou Reed’s equally soft voice.
12. (3:22) ** I Can’t Stand It – A lot of muted strumming with occasional vocal breaks. No variation in drum beat for the most part. There’s a guitar solo thrown in.
13. (2:55) *** Lisa Says – The song the live band plays in the bar when most of everyone has left and they’re tired but decide to do one more anyway.
14. (3:14) ***** Sweet Jane – You can’t help but sing along every time. Simple acoustic chord progression and fun vocals coupled with an iconic chorus. A sweet song. See what I did there?
15. (4:36) ***** Rock And Roll – Classic *insert track title here*. Consistent rock beat with nice acoustics and added electronic layer. Fun vocals with an awesome guitar solo and a classic buildup to the outro.

Track Listing
1. I'm Waiting For The Man   8. Stephanie Says
2. Femme Fatale   9. What Goes On
3. Run Run Run   10. Beginning To See The Light
4. Heroin   11. Pale Blue Eyes
5. All Tomorrow's Parties   12. I Can't Stand It
6. I'll Be Your Mirror   13. Lisa Says
7. White Light/White Heat   14. Sweet Jane
  15. Rock And Roll