San Diego Jewish Men's Choir / Kochi
Album: Kochi   Collection:World
Artist:San Diego Jewish Men's Choir   Added:Aug 2015

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Album Reviews
Larry Koran
Reviewed 2018-12-14
The Jewish Synagogue in Kochi, in the state of Kerala, India, celebrated its 400th anniversary in 1968, having been established by the Jews rescued from the Portuguese Catholics by the family of the local Maharaha. Though no Jews remain, schools in the city, out of continued respect for the Jews of history, give no tests on any Jewish holiday. The choral group is joined in this recording by both traditional Western instruments such as wind, brass and piano, and by the Santoor (an Indian instrument like a dulcimer, played by striking it with a pair of small wooden hammers), a Sarangi (an Indian bowed instrument, about 2’ hi, with 3-4 main strings and up to 35 sympathetic strings), the Sitar (a large, long-necked Indian lute with movable frets, played with a wire pick), and a Shofar (a ram’s horn trumpet used in Jewish religious ceremonies). The arrangements were created by 2014 Grammy award-winner Ricky Kej.
Margy Kahn
Reviewed 2015-09-02

Interesting mix of Jewish songs in Ladino (language of Jews in medieval Spain) and Hebrew accompanied by instruments native to Kochi a dwindling Jewish community in Kerala; sung by men's chorus from San Diego; most have nice danceable rhythms; no FCC issues

Avraham Avinu choral – traditional Ladino song from North Africa with percussion and horn embellishments and interludes 4:08

*Sha Shtil – beginning with sitar sounds very Indian; traditional dance song 4:28

**Zum Gali Gali- interesting beginning to this old standard; nice syncopated choral arrangement too --3:06

Od Yishama – standard wedding blessing-- santur at end gives Indian flavor; upbeat 3:59

*Dodi Li– a love song from the Song of Solomon – nice choral arrangement with santur interludes 3:46

Mi Adir --another wedding song; solo vocal a little wobbly; pretty santur interlude--2:53

Eretz Zavat Chalav nice santur opening ; choral is repetitive chant; instruments are good -- 4:16

Bendigamos Al Altisimo -Ladino hymn – a little slow 4:22

*Adio Querida nice intro. a little slow compared to what I'm used to with this Ladino song, but really pretty embellishments -- 4:28

Shir La Shalom- standard choral, Eastern instruments play European style accompaniment 4:16

Track Listing
1. Avraham Avinu   6. Mi Adir
2. Sha Shtil   7. Eretz Zavat Chalav
3. Zum Gali Gali   8. Bendigamos Al Altisimo
4. Od Yishama   9. Adio Querida
5. Dodi Li   10. Shir La Shalom