Various Artists / Back From The Grave Vol 9
Album: Back From The Grave Vol 9   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:May 2015
Label:Crypt Records  

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Album Review
Wallace Brontoon
Reviewed 2015-05-29
Wow wow wow-- the crazy '60s obscuro garage comp series Back from the Grave, which were released in 8 volumes from 1983-1992 by Crypt is out with a 9th and 10th in 2015! (released on one CD). Raw, untrained youthful "garage punk" is here, and there's so much weirdness and humanity here. What a surprise, what a treat.

No FCCs.

1. (2:20) ******** Awesome! Spare drumming kicks up into 20th gear! "Here it comes now..." The Pastels were 15 years old, from Pasco, Washington.
2. (2:11) ****** Zombies cover, with crazy breakneck surf drumming, and swank organ stings, into raging organ solo. (From St Louis Park, MN)
3. (3:16) **** Crazy organ-soaked threat-- "You're gonna die!") [Joplin, MO-- only two copies of this record exist]
4. (2:52) **** Animals-ish; more organ; lyrics about grave-robbers. Ah-ah-ah chorus is so great. [Greenwood, IN]
5. (2:35) **** Ah, great-- the singer sings like he's being stabbed. (Tamborine is the Why-Nots' typo, not mine)
6. (3:47) **** Great, murky drums, strained weak vox-- really really long at 3:45. Greatly amateurish, wonderful. [Burbank, CA]
7. (2:32) ***** Ominous roller-rink sounding organs. Clunky in the best, rawest way, with insane guitar break. [Paintsville, KY]
8. (2:56) ***** Ska-ish organ to start, with 4 super-fuzzy git breaks, and great talk-singing. [Chicago]
9. (2:18) **** Cool R&B stomper. "Ask me no questions... i'll tell you no lies". Sam the Shammy organ-type. [CA]
10. (2:31) ****** Super-fuzzy pure garage beast from 1965.. breakneck as hell. [Dallas, TX]
11. (2:49) ******* Wow, sounds like post-punk (also like The Intelligence)! Cowbell and angular drums and fuzzy backbeat, with clear vox. Just weird as hell. [Texas]
12. (1:59) ***** Jugband influences plus crazy organ solo-- murky and punky and wonderful. [Hollywood]
13. (1:56) **** Crazy self-released recording (two copies ever printed). Big, earthy vox: "Animal..." [Caldwell, NJ]
14. (2:27) ****** More slinky drums and bass, snotty vox low in mix. So snarly and amateurish; great. [Harrisburg, PA]
15. (2:32) ***** Super shambly, loping cockeyed vox. [Lansford, PA]
16. (3:35) ****** This one really drives! (The lead singer's real name was James Bond, no stage name here) [Sand Spring, OK]
17. (2:13) ***** Really sharp Nuggets-worthy piece, with clean production. [North Hollywood]
18. (2:21) ********* Crazy scream at start! Really weird, that in era of "96 Tears", this just flat-out says "69". Crazy demented wacked-out wonderful. [Brownsville, TN]
19. (2:31) **** Under curtain of fuzz, thin awkward cool vox. [Ringgold, GA]
20. (2:52) **** The distortion here is really lossy, but a cool effect. [Cedar Lake, IA]
21. (2:31) **** Brutal dumb forceful vox, kinda proto-kraut. [Eugene, OR]
22. (2:55) **** Sharp-edged guitar, blue-eyed soul vox. Tons of energy, but clean production. [Cincinnati, OH]
23. (2:31) ***** Donovan Cover. But crazy fuzz and demented vox. [Cedar Lake, IA]
24. (2:58) ********* Crazy instro becomes jungle beat, then demented hayseed "KEEP THAT TURTLE OUT OF MY CABBAGE PATCH" Yes yes yes. [Las Vegas]
25. (2:19) ***** Swank organ with heavy blues beat. Cool, swaggering. [Shreveport, LA]
26. (2:20) **** Really shambly awkward great stuff. [Bristol, RI]
27. (2:36) **** Now this is blues-garage with a sneer. [Bay Area]
28. (2:02) ***** Hiccupy haunted vox, like a nightmare whirlwind. [Corpus Christi]
29. (2:27) ***** Murky fuzzy stomper. [unknown]
30. (2:22) ****** Sonics cover, but much wackier-- goofball vox and giggling. [unknown]

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Pastels, The Circuit Breaker
2. High Spirits, The It's Alright With Me
3. Warlocks, The Beware
4. Emeralds, The Like Father Like Son
5. Why-Nots, The Tamborine
6. Turncoats, The Something Better
7. Classics, The I'm Hurtin'
8. Raevins, The The Edge Of Time
9. Lord Charles & The Prophets Ask Me No Questions
10. Gentlemen, The It's A Cry'n Shame
11. Shakles, The Whizz #7
12. Unknown Group When I Feel Better
13. Knoll Allen And The Noble Savages Animal
14. Donshires, The Sad And Blue
15. Starfyres, The No Room For Your Love
16. James Bond & The Agents Wild Angel
17. John English Iii And The Heathens I Need You Near
18. Four, The 69
19. Expressions, The Return To Innocence
20. Orphans, The Without You
21. Sires, The Don't Look Now
22. It's Them/Tthhemm Baby (I Still Want Your Lovin')
23. Orphans, The Hey Gyp
24. Nobody's Children Mother's Tin Moustache
25. South' Soul Lost
26. Hotbeats, The Listen
27. Hard Times, The Mr. Rolling Stone
28. Four More Problem Child
29. Color, The Young Miss Larsen
30. Gmc And The Arcells The Witch