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1. Jul 06, 2015: Shytown
4. Jun 18, 2015: The Peninsula Report
2. Jun 26, 2015: Time Traveler
God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get)
5. Jun 12, 2015: Time Traveler
God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get)
3. Jun 25, 2015: Mountain Music
6. Jun 08, 2015: Shytown
Here Comes That Feeling

Album Review
Reviewed 2015-05-15
Sugary fem indie sadness.
El Perro Del Mar is the name that Swedish-born Sarah Assbring has been performing under for the past decade. This is a deluxe re-release of her debut album. All songs are medium-slow to mid-tempo, and generally involve lush string arrangements, bells, and Belle-and-Sebastian vibes… soaked in emotional fragility and breathiness. Her lyrics and song structures on this album are repetitive and therefore grating after a while, but if you’re in the mood for a very sweet brand of sad indie pop, look no further. Personally I enjoy the less-twee demos and radio versions at the end of the deluxe edition more than the originals. Think it suits her mood a bit more.
No FCCs detected. Try 3, 5, 11, 16-20. RIYL Imogen Heap, Belle and Sebastian

1. Candy (3:23) dreamy, wistful, gentle strum. twee/saccharine sets the tone
2. God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get) (3:41) light and Belle and Sebastian-y. kind of same formula as #1, repetitive, but nice piano & horns
3. *Party (3:13) darker start, strumming with purpose, singing full of yearning. eerie backing vox. lovely overall
4. People (3:20) sad, dreamy, lament-y, but with sha-la-las. “I can’t understand people, I guess that’s all right/’cause they can’t understand me.” ends on this church bell fade-out.
5. *Dog (3:04) bittersweet, catchy. one of the stronger ones I think.
6. I Can’t Talk About It (2:54) outwardly upbeat and bubbly, vox start to sound stronger, but… no… she becomes strained and returns to gloomtown
7. Coming Down The Hill (2:35) layers of high, uplifting horns, chimey, sweet
8. This Loneliness (4:40) depressant. acoustic with lush strings, bells. samey. sad sad sad
9. It’s All Good (3:04) sleigh bells. actually happy! upbeat, “la la la”s, B&S
10. Here Comes That Feeling (3:22) organ keys, horns, old-timey girl-group vibe
11. *Shake It Off (3:35) harmony reminds me of #5. somewhat more subdued, not overly sweet.
12. Sad (2:44) fade-in, sweet depressant, see #8. but this one’s more interesting musically.
13. Hello Goodbye (4:26) a verb-less love story repeating “a boy, a boy,” and “a girl, a girl” with so much cutesiness it actually hurts
14. Say (3:08) horns! uptempo!! backing chorus!! jazzy and moving girl group
15. Do The Dog (3:02) very beachy, laid back, enjoy the honest lyrics
16. *In The Woods (Unreleased demo) (4:27) piano tune, soft and hopeful. really like this one.
17. *An Eye For Gold (Unreleased demo) (4:12) piano and quiet strumming, starts out more playful than 16, then becomes all strumming and melancholy
18. Candy (Radio session) (4:36) stripped down version of #1.male backing instead of female. better than the original.
19. Party (Radio session) (3:56) see #18.
20. This Loneliness (Radio session) (6:07) see #18
21. Dog (Acoustic version) (3:35) see #18

Track Listing
1. Candy   11. Shake It Off
2. God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get)   12. Sad
3. Party   13. Hello Goodbye
4. People   14. Say
5. Dog   15. Do The Dog
6. I Can't Talk About It   16. In The Woods (Unreleased Demo)
7. Coming Down The Hill   17. An Eye For Gold (Unreleased Demo)
8. The Loneliness   18. Candy (Radio Session)
9. It's All Good   19. Party (Radio Session)
10. Here Comes That Feeling   20. This Loneliness (Radio Session)
  21. Dog (Acoustic Version)