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Album Review
Francis D
Reviewed 2015-05-11
“Matilda Effect” The Corner Laughers
Intelligent, intricately arranged and fun indie pop-rock from the long-time, local KZSU faves. The Corner Laughers are based in Redwood City, and one band member is part of the Stanford staff. The band has appeared on Wednesday Night Live (and will again on 5/27) and guested on several KZSU shows. “Matilda Effect” is a wondrous mix of sunshine pop, rock and folk — with some retro pop-rock and one tune that harkens back to the early 20th century. Lead singer and ukulele aficionado, Karla Kane, wrote or co-wrote 8 of the 10 songs — and the album has strong feminist underpinnings, starting with the title. (The “Matilda Effect” refers to the practice of denying or diminishing the contributions of female scientists.) If you like smart lyrics, strong hooks and super-clean production, you’ll love this!
— Francis

Recommended: 6, 1, 2, 4, 10, or 7. FCC clean (It’s The Corner Laughers!)

1. (3:17) Fairytale Tourist — Brilliant sunshine indie pop, with incredible hooks. One of the coolest bass lines (courtesy of bassist, Khoi Huynh) that you’ll ever hear in a pop tune. Rich harmonies and bah-bah-bahs. ****
2. (2:54) The Girl, America — Jangle rock that builds into a terrific power pop song with a ripping guitar solo by KC Bowman. Beautiful, innocent vocals delivered by Kane. Written by Anton Barbeau. ****
3. (2:57) Octavia A — Playful, kid-friendly sing-along with strummed ukulele. Synthesizer sounds like an accordion — unless it is an accordion!
4. (3:13) Queen of the Meadow — Lilting rock with a strong backbeat from drummer, Charlie Crabtree. Lyrics make a brief reference to Henrietta Leavitt, a Radcliffe grad who used the luminosity of stars to help astronomers measure the distance between the Earth and far-off galaxies. ***
5. (4:04) Sophie in the Streets of Stockholm — Up-tempo rock with sharp guitar stingers, intricate keyboards, a busy rhythm track, and catchy call-and-response vocals by Kane.
6. (3:48) Midsommar — Breezy pop-rock with a languid tempo that’s perfect for leisurely summer days. Catchy melody and looking-glass lyrics. ****
7. (3:30) Lammas Land — Light and dreamy, skipping pop number. Kane’s wistful, angelic vocals are supported by her flawless ukulele, Bowman’s ringing guitar and Crabtree’s brushes on drums. Finishes with an amazingly complex round with Kane singing all the parts. ***
8. (2:56) Go Fly your Kite — 1970s-style pop-rock classic. Organ. Piano. Handclaps. Is that a kazoo in the lead break? Fun! **
9. (1:38) Martha (Cincinnati, 1914) — Short player piano-based ditty right out of the 1920 or 1930s. About Martha, the last carrier pigeon. Written by Huynh.
10. (4:59) Good Hope — Bouncy indie rock. Strummy ukulele mixed with electric guitar and a reggae-influenced beat. Clipper captains making dangerous voyages around Cape Horn and the Cape of Good Hope. ***

Track Listing
1. Fairytale Tourist   6. Midsommar
2. The Girl, America   7. Lammas Land
3. Octavia A   8. Go Fly Your Kite
4. Queen Of The Meadow   9. Martha (Cincinnati, 1914)
5. Sophie In The Streets Of Stockholm   10. Good Hope