Of Montreal / Aureate Gloom
Album: Aureate Gloom   Collection:General
Artist:Of Montreal   Added:Apr 2015
Label:Polyvinyl Record Co.  

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Album Review
DJ Muscat
Reviewed 2015-04-03
Genre: the 1970’s, punk, funk, gunk, stunk, junk, hunk, spunk, drunk

Kevin Barnes will never stay quiet. The loquacious lead singer spills his guts on record again and again, and this new one is no different. Here he documents the dissolution of his marriage to Nina Barnes (amongst other topics). Vitriolic, fractured, and catchy as hell…so basically just another of Montreal record. Highly recommended if you like wild, verbose rock.

Others: Deerhunter, Television, Patti Smith, Velvet Underground

Favorites: 1, 3, 7, 6, 5, 2, 9. No FCCs (clean version).

1. (4:44) ***** Kicks off with driving guitar intro before veering into classic oM funk. Kevin Barnes does this amazing little vibrato thing with his voice on this track that I’ve never heard him do before and he doesn’t do it again on the rest of the album…it’s awesome
2. (5:02) ** Folky intro then fun guitars and biting lyrics. Really cool multi-segmented track…goes all sorts of places. “Seeking out my own authentic season in hell”
3. (4:33) ***** Gooey gorgeous guitar strum followed by an uptempo groove. This track starts smooth and ultra-catchy and just when you think it can’t get any better the last half bursts into a punky finish.
4. (3:35) ** Hazy, atmospheric. Molasses folk. Transitions into rock & roll verse. Last half returns to drifting slow mood.
5. (3:24) *** Begins immediately with angsty guitar/synthesizer combo. Background coos. Classic of Montreal bouncing between beautiful melodies and unstable breakdowns.
6. (5:24) *** Sassy Barnes. Great personality in the vocals and nice smooth guitar passages. Another one of these songs that just goes everywhere. Moves into driving 70’s feel. Awesome spiraling guitar line. This song seems like it shouldn’t work but it does oh yes it does.
7. (3:56) **** Lizard brain guitar riff. That’s basically all I have to say actually, which is a total disservice to this song but damn that thing gets stuck in my head for days.
8. (4:20) Bitter lyrics. Not a huge fan of this track but it has a cool little organ section that I like. Last minute is keening Velvet Underground style strings.
9. (2:49) Fast rock feel with distorted vocals. Reminds me a lot of Monomania by Deerhunter. Goes into total feedback squall. New direction for oM. Good lead in to next track.
10. (5:48) Blissed out midtempo rock. Becomes heavier with half-spoken vocals. Yet another track that eschews traditional song structure. Has Barnes finally exorcised his demons? What’s going on? What will happen next? Find out more on the next episode of “Keeping Up with Kevin Barnes" (monday 9pm est on TBS).

Track Listing
1. Bassem Sabry   6. Monolithic Egress
2. Last Rites At The Jane Hotel   7. Apollyon Of Blue Room
3. Empryean Abattoir   8. Estocadas
4. Aluminum Crown   9. Chthonian Dirge For Uruk The Other
5. Virgilian Lots   10. Like Ashoka's Inferno Of Memory