Dj Female Convict Scorpion / Bill Cosby Talks To Kids About Drugs
Album: Bill Cosby Talks To Kids About Drugs   Collection:Hip-hop
Artist:Dj Female Convict Scorpion   Added:Feb 2015
Label:Josh Pollock Music  

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Album Review
lionel hutz
Reviewed 2015-02-26
Cut-up funky funny sampledelia. Samples (often extended clips) of a Bill Cosby anti-drug record are layered over all sorts of sampled instrumentation, mostly funk and rock, but also some jazz and other stuff. Lots of other found sound samples too. Cover art is great, the whole thing’s presented as an official remix of an old Bill Cosby record, but it doesn’t stick too slavishly to that conceit (which is fine, because it stays entertaining and fun to listen to throughout, and my favorite track on here is old blues over an ambient-ish loop). Reminds me a lot of Steinski and the stuff Shadow and Cut Chemist did in that vein.

RIYL: Steinski, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist’s “Product Placement” and “Hard Sell” mixes, Diplo’s old “AEIOU” mix tape

1. “hi i’m bill cosby and i want you to pay close attention to this record because it’s very important”. psych rock guitar solo collage for a while, gives way to funk beat just before 2:00. then bill cosby gets down to business just before 3:00. various complementary (mostly musical) trippy sounds enter and exit throughout. beat drops out at the end. 7:49
2. seamlessly segues from prior track, bluesy guitar noodling loop. bill cosby moves the conversation to specifics about downers and uppers. some drums come in with the guitar. with the downers description, everything slows and is pitched down like a turntable slowing. then bill talks about uppers, and the opposite happens with everything pitched/sped up. then that gives way to spacey theremin-esque swirls and low/mid synth washes and some folky found sound singing. 4:30
3. guitar drone, horn samples, hand percussion, layered singing/chanting in what sounds to me like a middle eastern or south asian language. metallic atmospheric sounds and wind noises come in towards the middle. then some drawn out string drone that sticks around but gets progressively lower (and then higher again towards the end). 4:22
4. spacey slow strings, birds, synth pads way low. bill cosby asks “where do we get drugs?” around :30 and keeps things educational. switches up to sample-based psych-rock on the beat. “i don’t need no bad drugs!” 2:47
5. jangly piano, some low horn or something that sounds halfway between a harmonica and a trumpet, occasional sheets of tape echo. a guy talking about his preference for marijuana over alcohol. rock beat crashes in around 1:30. fast drums, scratchy rhythm guitar, occasional lead guitar, theremin squiggles. guitar drops out and horns come back just after 3:00. continues varying on that, ends in echoed swirl. 7:39
6. what sounds like a chain gang singing blues over loops from “got to move on” by fennesz. intermittent appearance of the echoed swirl that ended the prior track, and other similar sounds. main loop drops out for a bit toward the end and comes back. lean and inspired and excellent, wish it was longer. my favorite thing on there, easily. 3:00
7. you get a couple more bars of that fennesz loop, bill talking about snorting drugs, a few bars of distorted singing, then clattery drums and spazzy sparse guitar and occasional horn, keeps switching between falling apart and being coherent, tends to stay more coherent later, but not always. like sample based free jazz maybe? ends with crazy drum solo. 4:00
8. drums melt into dusty piano and a guy talking about how he found a way out (he took a bunch of reds, and he feels good). then that turns into fast jazzy beat with horns, growling bass, tense pads, and weird sound effects. then that fades out and it’s overdriven guitar plucks, chimes, pads, springy atmospheric sounds, and a sample of a guy making a confessional speech. ends on the chimes, sounding like the record they’re on is spinning down. 7:56

recommended: 6, 1, 8

Track Listing
1. Introduction   5. Bill Talks About Hard Drugs
2. Downers & Uppers - Song   6. Captain Junkie - Song
3. Questions & Answers   7. Who Are These Assholes?
4. Dope Pusher - Song   8. I Found A Way Out