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Pointless Experience
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March Of Progress
6. Apr 07, 2016: All Passion No Technique

Album Review
DJ Muscat
Reviewed 2015-01-23
Genre: an amp eats a broken snare eats women eats nihilism eats the songwriting of a greek god

Stirring up buzz with an EP out last year called “Cassette” (it started as a tour only cassette tape), Viet Cong have now taken the leap to their first full-length album. The band is composed of some members from the sorely missed band Women, but this album is by no means a rehash of Women’s aesthetic. Guitars roar, drumsticks bash against garbage cans, and voices sear above the gritty onslaught. Their brutal poetry is noticeably higher in the mix, and Viet Cong certainly have something to say. One of my favorite rock records of the decade so far. HIGHLY recommended.

Others: Disappears, Women, Sunset Rubdown, Wolf Parade,

Favorites: 7, 5, 6, 2, 4, 3

1. (3:03) * Distorted (like detuned drums run through a fucked up amp distorted) industrial march with angsty vocals. Chainsaw guitars enter. Back half adds bits of melodic clarity through the fuzz. Super gorgeous little denouement.
2. (3:00) *** Immediate choppy drums. Great jagged guitar. “If we’re lucky we’ll get old and die”. Rebuilds itself midway through. Spencer Krug feel to the vocals.
3. (6:20) ** Fog machine stshhh followed by chords layered over more tribal/industrial drums. Halfway through dynamic shifts and vocals enter. At first feels a little monotone but builds into a fast beautiful payoff in the last 1:30 of the song.
4. (5:56) *** Guitar interplay opens the song before becoming angular Deerhoof-esque riff and I love it. Dissolves into fuzz then returns with a variation on the first melody. God I love this group. Almost funky little coda. Last ~18 seconds feedback outro.
5. (3:18) **** Oh mannnnn this is such a great song. Gorgeous chiming guitars. Awesome vocals. Heavenly background singers. Shit.
6. (4:12) **** Another winner. Frantic tremendous insatiable opening guitar riff. 80’s rock synth somehow works perfectly. Total strung out Wolf Parade vibe.
7. (11:17) ****** Totally hypnotic guitars and martial drums. This song really gets a groove going. ~3:45 morphs into krautrock sneer. Becomes an almost Swans style punishing pounding lurch. Out of nowhere turns into to a transcendent/miserable/wild/fun full album climax. Rip-roaring indie rock.

Track Listing
1. Newspaper Spoons   4. Bunker Buster
2. Pointless Experience   5. Continental Shelf
3. March Of Progress   6. Silhouettes
  7. Death