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On Your Knees
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A Black Light

Album Review
Mr. Tumnus
Reviewed 2015-02-14
Punk/hard rock. An interesting album from a new band. Huge female voice which dominates everything, reminding me of the Savages, but less polished. Tight rhythms, angular, acidic, cold. What excites me about these guys is that they seem to be experimenting heavily with rhythm. Cool syncopations abound. Sometimes it worked for me, sometimes not; but when it did work, I found it exciting. A pretty brutal album that left me feeling chilly, but which might be exhilarating in smaller doses.

I liked 1, 4, 6, 9, and 10 (FCC).

1) “A Black Light” (2:09): Cool arrhythmic stuff. Highly syncopated, angular.
2) “I Know You Don’t Know” (2:27): Guitars are a little thicker. Laid-back by the standards of the album, and more rhythmically straightforward.
3) “5 Alarm” (2:01) (FCC: FUCK): Cool riff repeated here, and the guitar rocks out at the end. FCC occurs right at the end, I’m not sure if it’s an FCC, might be mistaken. Listen for yourself.
4) “Bleed It Out” (4:44): Gentle beginning: ambient tones. Song crashes down at 1:45. “I will crush you, disembowel you…bleed it out!” Lots of cool moments in this one.
5) “On Your Knees” (1:34): Unremitting intensity kept up by the drums.
6) “Anthropomancy” (4:28): Beginning reminds me of something off the Swans. Really cool. Later it gets crunchy on the low-end. Very long outro. Maybe a good last song for a set.
7) “Helicopter” (2:59): Quick juttering sound underscores a power guitar/voice number.
8) “Everything is Nothing” (2:54): Another song where the guitars are a thicker and the rhythms aren’t quite as unnerving.
9) “New Drug” (3:22): “I want a new drug / one that will make me crash me my car..” This is kind of groovy stuff, and one of the more coherent songs on the album. Forty second outro of noise which you may want to cut depending on your mood.
10) “Bombs Away” (3:20) (FCC?): “Bombs away!” Cool noises around the 1:15 mark. Maybe the simplest song on the album but really rocks out. Strange last fifty seconds which you may want to cut. It’s tagged as having a profanity but I can’t hear it.
11) “Devolution” (3:43) (FCC: SHIT): Starts off traditionally and fades away in a cool swirl of sound.

--Mr. Tumnus

Track Listing
1. A Black Light   6. Anthropomancy
2. I Know You Don't Know   7. Helicopter
3. 5 Alarm   8. Everything Is Nothing
4. Bleed It Out   9. New Drug
5. On Your Knees   10. Bombs Away
  11. Devolution