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Album Review
Reviewed 2015-01-12
Walter TV

Heavily distorted surf-psych rock with alternately harsh and soft vocals over twangy basslines. Walter TV is a project of Mac DeMarco and three of his bandmates, and this release is a reissue of a 2012 cassette. The warped, home-taped sound they’re trying to perfect is prevalent here, and most of the songs follow the formula of building off simple melodies before dissolving into noisy, abstract jam sessions. All tracks are nice, but favorites might be 2, 5, 7, 9, 10 .
FCCs (hard to hear under all the fuzz): #1, 2, 4, 5, 7
RIYL Mac DeMarco, Tame Impala, Wild Nothing, etc.

1. (3:06) FCC (s***) Slow, spacy, ambling opener. Like watching objects fly across the sky and wondering dimly where they came from. Builds nicely in pace and volume at its close, as the words repeat: “I’m free.”
2. *(2:38) FCC (f***) Mid. Intriguing echoey melody, at times searching for something, at others content to wander and shrug. The art of exploring the mind while trapped in one’s room. “looking at the ceiling/that stucco gets just how you’ve been feeling”
3. (2:21) Mid. Playful, sunny guitar, “oohs” give way to screamed “ahh”s, keeps things interesting
4. (2:21) FCC (s***) Pretty fast. This is like a fast, high energy surf rock jam. Song is about feeling jaded but the band sounds anything but.
5. *(3:18) FCC right @ beginning (s***) but rest is clean. Mid to fast. The FCC is someone saying “hit that shit hard” and that’s exactly what they do - pounding drums, cascading melody, driven and intense.
6. (3:06) Medium-slow. Less distorted intro feat. catchy riff and restrained percussion. Psychedelic fuzz returns @ bridge, “Doo-doo-doo”s throughout. Eternal struggle of the slacker mind: “Why are all your words so profound/when all I want to do is lay in bed?”
7. *(2:43) FCC (f***) Mid to fast. Beachy, bright, laid-back vibe before it explodes into crazy energetic sections.
8. (3:00) Mid to fast. Spoken parts @ beginning and end. Toms, escalating, rumbling along, screams reverberate under cloaks of noise, noise, noise
9. *(3:37) Slow to mid. This one’s called “Puka Shell Necklace” and that sets the tone (maracas etc.). Around 0:55 bass and darker, hypnotic vocals come in, then higher ones answer them, creating harmony.
10. *(4:04) Slow to mid. A heavy, moody bassline draws us in to trippy guitars and soaring vocals. Turns into this awesome spazzy jam session again. I loved this line: “Find comforts in the perplexities of your own eyes.” Great closer.

Track Listing
1. Nose Bleed   6. Master Ludi
2. In My Room   7. Lo Noise
3. Africa   8. Hawaii
4. Neccessitty   9. Puka Shell Necklace
5. One Sweet Neo   10. Siddhartha