Jones, Bessie With The Georgia Sea Island Singers And Others / Get In Union
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Artist:Jones, Bessie With The Georgia Sea Island Singers And Others   Added:Nov 2014
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Album Review
Eme O
Reviewed 2014-11-08
Old Time Americana. More than 50 hours of interview/performance were distilled down to this 2-cd set, “an introduction to Bessie Jones’ art” as seen through the recordings of Alan Lomax. All tracks worth a listen (read the liner notes, too). Most songs mid-tempo, between 1 & 4 mins long. Would fit in well with Americana, Blues, Country, Folk, shows with an ethnographic focus. Vox, fife, one-headed drum, 4-string fretless banjo, handclaps. No FCCs detected. ~eme o.

CD 1
1. Slow/Mid. Call and response w/handclap rhythm.
2. Mid/Slow. Solo voice intro followed by harmony.
3. Solo voice w/ handclap percussion
4. Mid/Fast. Fife, handclaps.
5. Fast. Male lead, handclaps in speedy ‘raindrop’ rhythm.
6. similar to 5
7. Solo voice, a cappella
8. *Mid/Fast. Female lead, female chorus, handclaps. Too short.
9. Solo female, a cappella.
10. Male lead, male chorus, handclaps.
11. *Female lead, male chorus. Like a barbershop quartet lead by Billie Holliday.
12. similar to 11 w/ handclaps, more solo sections.
13. Male lead, bluesy talk-sung sermon.
14. Chorus w/ handclaps.
15. Solo female, light/muted percussion (the single-headed drum perhaps)
16. Solo female, traveling song, track ends with conversation between singer/interviewer.
17. Chorus, handclaps, call and response.
18. *Solo female, pipe or hammer percussion.
19. *Solo female lead, male accent vox, reminiscent of South African chorus.
20. Solo female, sober tune sampler.
21. *Like barbershop quartet with choral accents.
22. Quavery female lead, handclaps, sing-song rhythm.
23. Interview + song demo.
24. *Solo female, a cappella
25. *7 mins. Banjo, handclaps, chorus, call and response.

CD 2
1. Spiritual, solo female, handclaps.
2. *Solo female, spiritual.
3. similar to 1/2, with lullaby feel.
4. Prayer interlude.
5. Call and response between solo female and chorus, handclaps.
6. Solo voice, light drum.
7. Solo voice, choral accompaniment.
8. Chorus, fife, handclaps, banjo.
9. Female lead, handclaps, chorus.
10. Fast. Male lead, male chorus, handclaps.
11. Devotional, chorus, ends with conversation.
12. Solo voice, light drum.
13. Conversation interspersed with song.
14. Upbeat. Chorus, handclaps, male vox.
15. Upbeat. Chorus, tambourine, handclaps, call and response, ends with applause.
16. *Opens with talking, then chorus accompanied by clanking percussion.
17. *Fast. Solo voice, talk-singing, clanky percussion.
18. Opens with applause, talking, then launches into upbeat tune with foot-stomping rhythm.
19. Solo voice, somber tune.
20. Opens and ends with conversation that flanks a somber spiritual/devotional. You can hear laughter in the background from other folks in the room.
21. *Female voices in gentle harmony. Track segues to talking with ~40 secs left.
22. Slow. Pretty.
23. Opens with talking that leads into their rendition of the well-known spiritual.
24. Call and response, handclaps in a playground rhythm.
25. Male lead, male/female chorus, slow handclaps.
26. Solo voice, a goodbye song.

Track Listing
1. Sheep Sheep Don't You Know The Road   26. No Hiding Place Down Here
2. You Better Mind   27. O Death
3. Plumb The Line   28. Dead And Gone
4. O Day (Yonder Come Day)   29. Prayer
5. Moses Don't Get Lost   30. Sign Of The Judgment
6. Blow Gabriel   31. This Train Is A Clean Train
7. Got To Lie Down (How Shall I Rise)   32. Turkle Dove
8. Sometimes   33. Beulah Land
9. Shoo Turkey   34. Let Me Fly
10. Adam In The Garden   35. Walk Daniel
11. Daniel In The Lion's Den   36. I'm Gonna Lay Down My Life For My Lord
12. Little David, Play On Your Harp   37. Way Down Yonder In The Brickyard
13. You Got To Reap Just What You Sow/Just A Little Talk With Jesus   38. Bob Young's Song And Whoop
14. O Mary Don't You Weep   39. Read 'em, John
15. Throw Me Overboard   40. Before This Time Another Year
16. Going To Chattanooga   41. Once There Was No Sun (I)
17. See Aunt Dinah   42. There Was An Old Lady From Brewster
18. John Henry   43. Little Johnny Brown
19. Sink 'em Low   44. Prodigal Son
20. Diamond Joe   45. Take Me To The Water
21. Live Humble   46. Drinking That Wine
22. Get In Union   47. Once There Was No Sun (Ii)
23. Elephant Fair   48. One Morning Soon
24. Uncle Ned   49. Buzzard Lope
25. That Suits Me   50. One Of These Days (I)
  51. One Of These Days (Ii)