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The People
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Home Everywhere
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The People

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2014-11-05
Brad Laner's (Savage Republic) band for last 23 years: dense glorious noise pop. Like serious noise mixed with serious pop (Sargent Pepper crossed with Confusion Is Sex). Their first album in '92 was often criticized as a My Bloody Valentine rip off. The reality is Laner may have been the first "post-MBV" artist using unabashed noise guitar over accessible sexy beats, breathy mush mouthed female vocals. 22 years later this album sounds even fresher considering what all has tried to pass itself off as noise pop since (and MBV basically stopping in their creative tracks after Loveless). Laner proved the critics wrong. Dreadfully wrong.

1)* (3:44) sample intro, then midpaced, cool trippy fx and sounds
2)* (3:38) upbeat with good tribal industrial flavored rhythm
3) (3:51) dense driving bombastic
4) (3:19) slower sexy swin
5) (3:20) somehow a Beatles flare to my ears, triplet swing and quirky stops, ends COLD
6) (3:28) near samba feel to this strangeness, far less nois
7) (4:08) begins very chill, meanders more subdued
8)* (4:51) cool tribal drums, different from rest, more swallowed but still tripped out with the hard panning then ends with a good minute of chill samples, tones
9) (11:29) bouncy splendid pop to start, yum! Shifts here and there, but overall mellow and pretty and epic

Track Listing
1. The Reclaimed Girl   5. Cold Life
2. Turning   6. They Will Not Die
3. Move Along/ Down The Road   7. It's All About You
4. Dont Be Slow   8. The People
  9. Home Everywhere