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Album Review
lionel hutz
Reviewed 2014-10-02
He usually works closer to UK garage, but this is an album of atmospheric electronica. Might work best as a whole album (there are lots of short interludes), but most tracks are full-fledged songs that stand on their own. Lots of hip-hop (esp mid-90s NY) and downtempo influence (though there's still some influence from his dancier roots). I usually don't recommend half the album, but the quality level is generally high (and there are no duds, so play whatever grabs you). The new Simian Mobile Disco ("Whorl") does a similar stylistic shift compared to their old stuff, but I think this pulls it off slightly better.

RIYL: jazzy instrumental hip-hop, downtempo, DITC influenced beats

1: opens with ringing, later backed by rising swirling pads and gentle distant/intermittent pattering. 1:31
2: piano and chopped up syllables. syllables get pitch shifted and sped up like they're on fast-forwarding tape. bells in the background. a loping break kicks in just before 1:00, but goes in and out. sound like an old phone run through effects near the end. 3:40
3: short warm occasionally fuzzy interlude 0:32
4: ringing piano riff, joined shortly by lo-fi break and choral pads. low repeated vocal sample becomes part of the texture ("do me do me do me huh"). just the atmospheric stuff for a bit around 2:45. piano leaves in midsection, but comes back for the last minute (and vocal sample leaves for a while but gets faded back in for a bit before the end). more propulsive than what's come so far. 4:51
5: high pitched synth tone, warm standup bass plucks, woodblocks. 1:24
6: synth strings (or distorted synth harpsichord?). rattling tambo. glowing synth notes and claps and a couple metallic percussion bits enter around 1:00. percussion leaves for a while in the middle. buried flute and vocal chants around 2:30. glowing synth comes back prominently just before 3:00. ends in synth echos. 4:28
7: FCC ("bullshit", "fuck") echoed chopped pianos, chopped vocals, gentle kicks and bongos. has the vibe of classic murky 90s NY hip-hop production. too bad about the FCCs, this is a standout. 2:44
8: clean rhodes-y plinks, hazy pads, washes of wordless female vocal samples. warm synth bass notes. bright ringing keys intermittently throughout. around 2:40, a synth sound that you might associate with intros for old educational videos. 3:51
9: various low-key (slightly plaintive) horns, jazzy keys. acoustic (or sampled acoustic) drums play a shuffling beat. standup bass notes. a bright synth line adds a bit of bite. more 90s NY hip-hop feel. 3:52
10: brushed drums and wordless vocal loops. piano low in the mix. standup bass. feels a bit like some of jan jelinek's jazzier stuff, has forward momentum but isn't pushy. 1:27
11: echoing harpsichord riff, standup bass notes, drums are a bit tense when they're there. gets lean around 1:45, then everything comes back in a bit later. lots of echo-y wattery synths bouncing around at points, but they fit quite well. 3:19
12: chopped and slightly glitchy drums, synth ripples, female vocal sample saying "my heart and soul" in the background (more prominent/fleshed out later). just the vocal and some bells around 1:00, then more stuff. drums and bass get more frenetic around 1:30, but melody and vocals stay very calm. everything gets smooths out around 4:00, and you're left with bass pulses and synth washes and the vocal sample. doesn't really sound the same, but could fit next to some of prefuse 73's work. 4:54
13: pretty synth washes and plucked strings. ringing metallic percussion for a bit around 0:45 (and occasionally throughout). has the feel of elements bouncing off of one another around 2:00. just piano for the last part (with a looong decaying last note). 3:37
14: swirling keys, intermittent bass notes. horror movie ringing sound. jack in the box chimes. drums come in around 0:40. turns into something like an anxious drum and bass groove for a bit around 1:30, but dials it back again after not too long. 3:51
15: warm synth washes and quick drums with a touch of jungle in their programming. vocal sample intermittently saying "danger!" 90s NY hip-hop feel on the bass at points. bright keys and the synth wash to close. 3:42
16: string loop and a piano loop that feels like it's cut in the "wrong" place (in a good way). jazzy drums, standup bass. slightly buzzy synth bass comes in around 2:00. drums get propulsive at times. little vocal snippets, little bits of percussion get some echo. neat trick placing one of the more rhythmically upbeat numbers near the end and making it work. 6:12
17: warm synth and vocal washes, bass plucks. 1:42

recommended: 2, 6, 16, 9, 12, 8, 13, 11

Track Listing
1. Aquí, Port Lligat   9. Ahead The Ship Sleeps
2. New Haven   10. Rolling
3. Uptight   11. Dos Gardenias
4. Do Me   12. Heart & Soul
5. Greater Antilles, Part 1   13. Grief
6. Nine   14. In The Shit
7. Frontin   15. Dånger
8. Untitled 12   16. Some Jazz Shit
  17. Greater Antilles, Part 2