King Tuff / Black Moon Spell
Album: Black Moon Spell   Collection:General
Artist:King Tuff   Added:Oct 2014
Label:Sub Pop Records  

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Album Review
Alejandra Salazar
Reviewed 2014-10-13
King Tuff
Black Moon Spell
Sub Pop Records, 2014

Fuzzy, punk-y, lo-fi-esque glam rocker jams. King Tuff’s head-bopping, toe-tapping melodies contrast with frequently cliché and macabre subject matter. Unpolished, grungy and often tongue-in-cheek, this is quite a fun album to listen to.

FCCs: 6, 8

***1. (4:53) Title track. Highly repetitive (melodically and lyrically), but sooooo catchy. Electric guitar has loads of fun during the bridge/post-bridge. Play, play, play!
2. (2:10) Whiny vox, haywire guitar, very solid track albeit likely being the weakest on the album.
**3. (3:25) Lots of reverbed vox. Psychedelic vibe. Feels like it’s backed with a little 70s groove.
4. (3:28) A bit of that angry, 90s grunge influence. More guitar solos, a bit slower paced than earlier songs. “Bang your little head” will be stuck in your head for ages.
***5. (2:39) Beach-y little tune (Beach Boys-esque), as cute as the album is capable of getting. Upbeat, with some nice harmonies and rhythmic clapping, whistling, etc.
6. (1:02) Makes me think of The Moldy Peaches! Simplest little melody, just a strumming guitar and lo-fi-filtered vox. Transitionary tune. FCC: “you look like shit”
7. (2:58) Psychedelic background “ahh”-ing—really nice touch. Slower tune but kind of tense, like there’s something just under the surface. Reminiscent of late 60s/early 70s rock.
***8. (2:55) Emphasis on the the details: loving the bass here (“bum-ba-dum-dum”), the driving clapping beat, jangling little tambourine, “ah-la-la-la”s. One of the best of the album, unfortunate FCC: “batshit insane”, “that shit that fucks me up”
*9. (1:30) Fast, fast song. Punctuated by well-placed claps and wails. Interesting warped, wailing, echoed guitar.
10. (1:53) FUN (albeit slightly disconcerting) vocal effects: layered/filtered/reverbed “GO!” at the chorus. Has the effect of sounding a bit spacey/dreamy/robotic, even.
11. (1:18) “Dun-dun-dun-dun” synth comes into play (80s influence, for sure). Echoed, distant, dramatic opening vox. Rhythmless lo-fi guitar comes in to mess with the simple/spacey vibe.
**12. (4:15) Upbeat, acoustic opening, lightest/least lo-fi song on the album. Smoothly transitions to some messier, whirring guitar in the later half. Very hippie vibe.
***13. (4:47) Weird opening montage of sounds (ten secs), eventually empties out to a yearning, ballad-y acoustic track that culminates in a sped-up whirlwind of symbols and drums (chorus). Some background harmonizing comes into play in the last minute or so. Really beautiful song.
**14. (3:50) Upbeat, assertive, classically rock n’ roll. Dance, head bop, clap or sing along to the “oooh”s and “aaahh”s—it’s a fun song.

Track Listing
1. Blck Moon Spell   8. Madness
2. Sick Mind   9. Demon From Hell
3. Rainbow's Run   10. Black Holes In Stereo
4. Headbanger   11. Radiation
5. Beautiful Thing   12. Eyes Of The Muse
6. I Love You Ugly   13. Staircase Of Diamonds
7. Magic Mirror   14. Eddie's Song