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Artist:Jpnsgrls   Added:Sep 2014
Label:Light Organ Records  

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Southern Comforting (Clean)
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Brandon, Tiger

Album Review
Randall Holmes
Reviewed 2014-11-10
FCC WARNING for swear words on 2, 8. Clean versions on 13, 14.
Said to be pronounced “Japanese Girls”
Favorites: Tracks 13, 14, 1, 12, 3, 4, 5. But, all tracks are quite enjoyable.

Coffee-buzzed frantic indie, garage, punky, emo, ska, rock. Dismemberment Plan, Arctic Monkeys, Garbage, STP, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr, Paramore, Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Baroness, Sublime, The Killers. Dark lyrics + teenage angst lyrics + folkie lyrics + funny stuff. Impressive range of vocal emotion/timbre: falsetto, growl, screaming, numb, nasal, etc. Nice layers. Great energy and honesty throughout the whole album.

1) (2:55) Up tempo radio ready. Classic garage punk. Ska influence on verses. Catchy chorus. Love the topic. "You're killing me, SMALLS!"
2) (3:29) Medium tempo. Easy going riff at the beginning. Interesting falsetto “Hoooo. Hooo.” A lost song of Hedwig’s? Cool background Beatlesesque La la la harmony singing.
3) (2:52) Slower tempo. Intro reminds me of Rush Tom Sawyer. Bass line like Green Day’s Dirnt. Baroness layering and guitar distortion. Interesting chorus/bridge. Dark lyrics. “I finally saw the blue in your eyes. At the morgue at the morgue at the morgue at the morgue…”
4) (4:09) Slower tempo. Cool guitars, lots of über-super reverb. The Killers, Paramore, emo tune. Switching back and forth between groove and bass runs is quite appealing.
5) (3:23) Up tempo. Love the intro guitar riff. Spastic vocals. Screaming “We are the furniture!” Ska influence. Drumming technique is quite fun. For on-repeat listening.
6) (2:58) Mid tempo. Primus beat/groove. Really kicks in the resemblance to Dismemberment Plan with structure/chords.
7) (3:31) Mid tempo. Dismemberment Plan and Baroness. Drumming has nice stick work. Vocals go from soft almost spoken to wailing. Chorus has open feel with just guitars that builds back into straight 8 or 16 beat. However you want to count that.
8) (3:21) Mid tempo. Lots of interesting parts. Dismemberment Plan. Falsetto singing and whining. Angst. Guitars reverb. More drumming stick work. Catchy “I don’t regret it if you don’t regret it!” Nice imagery with “She pulls her socks up to her knees…”
9) (3:03) Mid tempo. Reminders of Panic! At the Disco. He’s not saying Chlamydia is laughing at us. He’s saying the media is laughing gas. (?) The drummer speaks in Morris code break is sort of cool shuffle. Nice layering of guitars and riffs.
10) (2:53) Green Day drumming at first swell. Then, every now and then a very short reminder of Paul Di’Anno era Iron Maiden Steve Harris bass tone. Also, harmonizing guitar riffs.
11) (3:05) Upper medium tempo. Funky. Soft vocals at first. Something about it reminds me of Mike Watt/Minutemen.
12) (3:21) Mid tempo. Cool riffs. Has some deep Black Sabbath Tony Iommi distortion. Also reminders of Primus and Minutemen.
13) (3:29) Clean version of 2.
14) (3:20) Clean version of 8.

Track Listing
1. Smalls   8. Souther Comforting
2. Tiger   9. Laughing Gas
3. Brandon   10. Brace Yourself
4. Circulation   11. David & Goliath
5. Mushrooms   12. Oh No Echoes
6. From The East   13. Tiger (Clean)
7. Tennis Shoes   14. Southern Comforting (Clean)