El Mató A Un Policía Motorizado / La Dinastía Scorpio
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Artist:El Mató A Un Policía Motorizado   Added:Aug 2014
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Album Review
Telepathic Juan
Reviewed 2014-08-04
La Plata’s El Mató a un Policía Motorizado’s La Dinastía Scorpio was originally released in Argentina at the end of 2012 but re-released for the American market this summer with a couple of tracks from their previous EPs as a bonus. Their first-full length album showcases a band that sublimely incorporates all of their musical influences. Considered a melodic noise band with heavy roots in American early 90s indie rock, this Argentinian quintet is led by their charismatic singer, bass player, and main song composer, Santiago Motorizado. The band creates remarkably well-crafted tracks with catchy riffs, beautiful melodies, and haunting lyrics about daily existence, from confrontational politics to the perils of love. In La Dinastía Scorpio, they are just beginning to explore the use of synthesizers in a similar way that Radiohead did in Kid A, which has added a great atmospheric layer to their guitar driven sound. Highly recommended.

RIYL: Pavement, Guided by Voices, Los Planetas, Unrest, and Radiohead’s Kid A.

Recommended Tracks: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 11, 14

1. (3:06) **Mujeres Bellas Y Fuertes [Fine & Strong Woman] – Solid into track showcasing all the weapons this band has! Amazing track!!
2. (4:14) **Mas O Menos Bien [More or Less Okay] – Delightful track with catchy instrumentation and killer chorus. Instant classic!!
3. (3:54) **Chica De Oro [Golden Girl] – Another well-crafted, guitar-driven track. Jenny!!
4. (3:02) La Cara En El Asfalto [Face On Asphalt] – Pavement all the way! Rocky!
5. (2:44) *Prenderte Fuego [Set You On Fire] – 90’s American indie rock with a vengeance! Awesome guitars! (Bonus Track from an early EP).
6. (2:13) *Terror – Short but sweet killer track with an impeccable riff.
7. (3:04) Yoni B – Unrest’s influence here. Nice keyboards at the end. Yoni te extrañamos!
8. (2:42) Tormenta Roja [Red Storm] – Guitar-driven song from the early years (Bonus Track).
9. (2:31) La Cobra – Pavement all the way! A nice complement to the set.
10. (3:45) *Navidad En Los Santos [Saints Christmas] – A bonus song from their first EP. You can hear their evolution, especially in Santiago’s voice. Still, solid catchy track.
11. (4:31) **Nuevos Discos [New Albums] – One of my favorite tracks on the album.
12. (2:25) Noche Negra [Blackest Night] – Mellowest song on album. Decent.
13. (7:41) El Fuego Que Hemos Construido [The Fire That We Built] – Good complement to the previous song.
14. (4:26)** El Dia Del Huracan [Hurricane’s Day] – A bonus song recorded before La Dinastía Scorpio. A nice complement to this collection of tracks. Great guitars!
15. (1:29) El Magnetismo – Short but sweet closing track.

Track Listing
1. Mujeres Bellas Y Fuertes   8. Tormenta Roja
2. Mas O Menos Bien   9. La Cobra
3. Chica De Oro   10. Navidad En Los Santos
4. La Cara En El Asfalto   11. Nuevos Discos
5. Prenderte Fuego   12. Noche Negra
6. Terror   13. El Fuego Que Hemos Construido
7. Yoni B   14. El Dia Del Huracan
  15. El Magnetismo