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Album Review
Kamla Bhatt
Reviewed 2014-08-04
KHAZANA - Kishore Kumar Par-1, 2, 3

Khazana means a treasure chest and his album is a treasure trove of Kishore Kumar’s songs. He was an actor, director, producer & singer. Although not formally trained in music he had a wonderful year for music & was a versatile singer. He introduced Yoddling into Bollywood, and if you listen closely to his early songs you can hear a little bit of scatting too. A hallmark of Kishore Kumar was that he had a distinct style of singing for each of the leading actors for whom he sang.

This is a compilation of Kishore Kumar’s songs from various Hindi (Bollywood) films.


Try 15, 14, 10,5, 4, 1

***1. A slow & melodious song about life from the film Chalte Chalte. This is a classic tune by Kishore Kumar.
**2. A fun love song by Kishore & Asha from the film by Jawaani Diwani with music by RD Burman.
3. Inspired by Maria from West Side Story? Sure, sounds like it when you hear the opening refrains & words by Kishore. Then it switches into a regular Bollywood song. Kind of forgettable.
**4. From the 1977 film Priyatama this song by Kishore is a mellow tune.
***5. A fun & infectious melody by Kishore. A hit song from the 1970s film Johnny Mera Naam (My Name is Johny).
**6. A slow & beautiful melody by Kishore from the film Yarana (1981). This was again a big hit.
7. Opening chords give this song a little bit of a Spanish flavor. Another popular song by Kishore Kumar from the film Saagar which was a comeback film for Dimple Kapadia.
**8. A typical Kishore Kumar song where his voice captures that elusive mood about love & memories of your loved one. From the film Blackmail with music by Kalyajni, Anandji
***9. A slow & beautiful love song by Kishore from the film College Girl. Music is by Bappi Lahiri, who is famous for bringing Disco tunes into Bollywood films.
***10. This modern sounding love song from the film Julie was such a big hit that it played on the radio almost every day.
11. Not one of the best tracks in this collection. Lata & Kishore from the film Rocky.
12. Again, not one of the best songs by Kishore Kumar. This is from Maahan with music by RD Burman.
13 A soulful melody in that trademark Kishore Kumar voice.
****14. Happy & fun love song by Kishore & Lata from the film “Tere Mere Sapne” with music by SD Burman
***15. Peppy & fun song by Kishore from the film Gambler. Don’t miss the Sax in this track. Music is by SD Burman.


Notice how the sax kicks in surprising ways in some of these songs.

Try 2, 3, 4, 5, 8,

1. A folksy duet by Kishore & Lata from the film Roti.This was a popular tune in the 1970s
**2. Fun, campy beach song by Kishore from the film Saana Teri Kasam
3. A middling song? Can you say that. Fails to hold your attention.
**4. Opening sounds remind you of a waltz. Blue Danube comes to mind. But then thatcrazy, high power voice of Kishore Kumar kicks in & it turns into a folksy tune. From the film Kaalia. Notice the sax in this track.
***5. Campy, energetic song that was made famous by Amitabh Bachchan & Kishore Kumar. Don’t miss the opening lines of the song in English by Amitabh Bachchan. This is a super hit song
from the super hit film Amar, Akbar & Anthony.
**6. This song works in a surprising kind of a way & grows on you especially if you are a fan of Kishore Kumar’s versatile voice. From the film Rocky with music by RD Burman.
7. Forgettable track that barely holds your attention from the film Desh Premee. The only fun part was the Hyderabai Hindi dialog at the start of the song.
**8. Fun & hi-energy song by Kishore Kumar & Usha Mangeshkar from the film Khatta Meeta. This song is a huge hit & captures that crazy energy of Kishore Kumar.
9. Surprising to hear a forgettable song from Kishore Kumar & RD Burman from a Dev Anand film. Dev Anand’s films were famous for their fantastic songs. This track from the film Darling Darling
falls short in a big way.
10. Again, a song that does not work from Kishore Kumar & RD Burman.
11. Kishore & RD Burman don’t deliver this musical magic in this track from the film Shaukeen
12. An ok song from the film Main Babu Chaila with music from Laxmikant Pyarelal.
13. Kind of an interesting track esp the music bed that has a bit of a funky edge mixed with Indian music sounds. From the film Banrasi Babu with music by Kalyanji Anandji
14. This is not one of Kishore’s best. Bit of a hotchpotch track


This disc is a mixed bag and only some songs work. Try 1, 2,5, and 14.

**1. This song belongs to that category where Kishore Kumar infuses the right kind/level of emotions to make it a memorable track. From the film Aa Gale Lag Ja with music by RD Burman
**2. Actor/producer Dev Anand said this was one of the best songs from his films. Lyrics are by Neeraj & Kishore Kumar shines in this slow, poetic song from the film Gambler.Music is by SD Burman
3. Not one of Kishore Kumar’s best.
4. Sad & poignant song from the film Jaane Jaan with music by RD Burman
5. Slow song that works if you are in a mood to listen to this kind of song.
6. The track could have worked if it was dripping with so much of pathos. Slow & sad.
7. Yet another slow track that does not hold your attention.
8. The music, tune & words fail to grab your attention. Not Kishore Kumar’s best.
9. Slow & utterly sad song that you can happily skip. From the film Hera Pheri.
10. The opening Spanish guitar riffs hook you in but then you struggle to stay tuned
in. OK track with music from Babla from the film Khara Khota.
**11. Kishore & RD Burman’s music magic works in this song about a wondering soul. There is a tinge of sadness in that right level that Kishore Kumar was famous for.
12. Slow & not a very happy song that does not work. From the film Bheegi Palken.
13. Slow song & a total downer from the film Doosri Dulhan.
**14. This slow & sad love song about betrayal was a big hit from the film Shalimar. Interesting music bed by RD Burman.
15. A slow & forgettable song from the film Sanam Teri Kasam.

Kamla August 2014

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Kishore Kumar Chalte Chalte
2. Kishore Kumar And Asha Bhosle Agar Saaz Chhede
3. Kishore Kumar Aisa Kabhi Huia Nahin
4. Kishore Kumar Koi Roko Na
5. Kishore Kumar Pal Bhar Ke Liye
6. Kishore Kumar Chhu Kar Mere Mann Ko
7. Kishore Kumar Sagar Jaisi Aankhonwali
8. Kishore Kumar Pal Pal Dil Ke Bad
9. Kishore Kumar Pyar Manga Hai
10. Kishore Kumar Dil Kya Kare
11. Kishore Kumar And Lata Hum Tumse Mile
12. Kishore Kumar Jidhar Dekhon
13. Kishore Kumar Savera Ka Suraj
14. Kishore Kumar Hey Maine Kasam Li
15. Kishore Kumar Churi Nahi Yeh Mera
16. Kishore Kumar And Lata Gore Rang Pe
17. Kishore Kumar Kitne Bhi Tu Kar Le Sitam
18. Kishore Kumar Bahot Khubsoorat
19. Kishore Kumar Jahan Teri Ye Nazar Hai
20. Kishore Kumar And Amitabh Bachchan My Name Is Anthony
21. Kishore Kumar Doston Ko Salam
22. Kishore Kumar Khatoon Ki Khidmat Mein
23. Kishore Kumar And Usha Mangeshkar Khatta Meetha
24. Kishore Kumar Yeh Duniya Ek Pagal Kanha Hai
25. Kishore Kumar Pyar Hamen
26. Kishore Kumar Jab Bhi Koi Kangana Bole
27. Kishore Kumar Mein Babu Chaila
28. Kishore Kumar Bure Bhi Hum, Bhale Bhi Hum
29. Kishore Kumar Raju Chal Raju
30. Kishore Kumar Tere Mujh Se
31. Kishore Kumar Dil Aaj Shair Hai
32. Kishore Kumar Koi Shama Sheeshe Ke Liye
33. Kishore Kumar Kiska Rasta Dekhe
34. Kishore Kumar Kya Khabar
35. Kishore Kumar Pyar Ka Badla Mujhe
36. Kishore Kumar Aai Khuda Har Faisala
37. Kishore Kumar Na Jaane Din Kaise
38. Kishore Kumar Barson Purana
39. Kishore Kumar Kabhi Hoti Nahin
40. Kishore Kumar Main Aur Meri Awaragi
41. Kishore Kumar Jab Tak Maine Samjha
42. Kishore Kumar Lamha Lamha
43. Kishore Kumar Hum Bewaafa
44. Kishore Kumar Sheeshe Ke Gharon Mein