Grobe, Klaus Johann / Im Sinne Der Zeit
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Artist:Grobe, Klaus Johann   Added:Jul 2014
Label:Trouble In Mind Records  

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Album Review
Mr. Tumnus
Reviewed 2014-07-31
Klaus Johann Grobe—Im Sinne der Zeit

Jazz-funk? Indie pop? This album is difficult to classify, but it’s still pretty sweet. This is impeccably crisp, catchy, flirty Swiss music. Crisp is the word for this album, definitely. Organ, synth, drums, guitar. It’s a collaboration between two Swiss dudes (not German, although they’re singing in German). For some reason, they reminded me of a cross between Caribou and Tame Impala, with a European twist…if that makes sense. Not a great sonic range on the album, I have to admit—very similar organ parts, drum parts—but take your choice of singles. You’ll have a hard time not dancing and trying to sing along with the German lyrics.

(Sidenote: according to Google Translate, “Im Sinne der Zeit” roughly corresponds to “in the sense of time,” perhaps better understood as “in the course of time.”)

No FCCs, obviously, since German. Recommended tracks: 1, 2, 4, 7, 8

RIYL: Tame Impala, Caribou

1) ** “Between the Buttons” (4:48): Really crunchy, catchy organ, with a smooth flirty German voice. Some interesting background starts drifting in at around the three-minute mark. Warning: the sound stops several seconds before the official end of the song. Irresistible.
2) ** “Kothek” (3:27): Translates to nothing. A little chiller and more complex. The organ makes a sound like a car honking in traffic. Layers of sound pile in at 1:22, to great effect.
3) “Wir Zwei” (5:24): Translates to “we too.” We get a little more singing on this track, and the feel is relaxed. Again, the sound cuts out several seconds before the end of the track.
4) * “Les Grecks” (5:00): Translates to nothing. Maybe a family name? A simple, interlocking melody between voice and synth. Beautiful complex sounds sweep in around 3:45. Great sparse last minute. Very quiet fadeout.
5) “Koffer” (3:39): Translates to “case.” A little funkier, a little more sparse. The catchy organ jumps in at about the one minute mark. Slinky, simple song. Ends on a beautiful, long chord.
6) “Schlaufen Der Zukunft” (4:54): Translates to “the future loops.” Easy, walking chords as Klaus sings an ambling, flirty little melody. Then he talks in German for a while. Extremely gradual fade.
7) * “Aufstand” (5:33): Translates to “uprising.” Funky, funky beginning. Catchy stuff. Beautiful, soft last thirty seconds.
8) * “Regan Raus” (4:44): Translates to “regan out.” (?) Drony beginning gives way to one of the richest musical landscapes on the album. Cool drums on this one, and Klaus shows a gentle touch at around the third minute in an awesome instrumental interlude.
9) “Vergangenes” (4:10): Translates to “past.” More laid back, and more ambitious singing.

--Mr. Tumnus

Track Listing
1. Between The Buttons   5. Koffer
2. Kothek   6. Schlaufen Der Zukunft
3. Wir Zwei   7. Aufstand
4. Les Grecks   8. Regan Raus
  9. Vergangenes