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Album Review
Mr. Tumnus
Reviewed 2014-07-31
Strangeheart: A Common Theme

Happy poppy music, heavy on the synth. It reminded me of Faded Paper Figures, but not as catchy and with simpler lyrics. Lots of love songs, occasional moments of adolescent angst.

A lot of these songs have catchy openings, which, unfortunately, often transition into middles that are simply too long. I found several of these songs a bit monotonous. It doesn’t help that the singer’s voice is average, and that he rarely stays quiet.

But there are some gems on this album, if you’re willing to look for them. 6 is fascinating and almost experimental. 8 is cocky and very alive, and the FCC is such a shame. I’d feel weird just recommending 6 and 8, though, because these are the songs that don’t quite fit in the album. 4 and 9 are also cool, and more typical of what Strangeheart actually sounds like.

1) “Strangeheart” (3:56): Slow, quiet opening. A mainstream poppy electronic song with dancey lyrics. Easy listening.
2) “Problems” (3:18): Electronic wind instruments are the most memorable sonic element here. Simple, repetitive chorus.
3) “Be Friends, Be Calm” (3:32): Less electronic. Very upbeat lyrics.
4) * “In Another Life” (3:38): Some simple vocal harmonies. More really upbeat lyrics. Sincere, if a little corny, and the voice is likeable.
5) “How to Feel Right” (3:58): The single. This is one of the more unpredictable songs, which is nice. The vocalist alternates between singing and half-talking.
6) ** “Pop Syndrome” (2:33): Beautiful intro, only slightly ruined by the intrusion of the vocalist. Atmospheric chords and restrained piano. Slightly experimental, not as relentlessly cheerful. Completely out of place on the album, but maybe my favorite track.
7) “All It Took” (3:16): And we’re back to poppy stuff. Fair enough. Fake ending at 2:15.
8) ** “Twice the Man” (3:06): FCC: SHIT “I’m so much better than your boyfriend.” The vocalist gets a little cocky, and I love it. This song made me laugh. A great song to blast on the radio while driving on the highway. The FCC is really unfortunate.
9) * “Make Out” (3:28): Fun, if repetitive. “We’re gonna make out maaaake out.” Enjoyable, if not intellectually stimulating.
10) “Cope and Steady” (3:25): Very bouncy pop song with repetitive lyrics: “And you’re going to take your clothes off, and we’re going to take the wrong way home…”
11) “A Common Theme” (4:47): Really catchy opening. The lyrics aren’t as repetitive this time; a more ambitious love song. Too long.

--Mr. Tumnus

Track Listing
1. Strangeheart   6. Pop Syndrome
2. Problems   7. All It Took
3. Be Friends, Be Calm   8. Twice The Man
4. In Another Life   9. Make Out
5. How To Feel Right   10. Cope And Steady
  11. A Common Theme