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1. Dec 11, 2014: ZoeRadio
Halo (Feat Linnea Olsson)
4. Nov 15, 2014: BravoMarco Variety Show
Humming One Of Your Songs 2013
2. Dec 04, 2014: ZoeRadio
Halo (Feat Linnea Olsson)
5. Nov 13, 2014: The Sunset Life
All My Tears
3. Nov 22, 2014: BravoMarco Variety Show
Humming One Of Your Songs 2013
6. Nov 08, 2014: BravoMarco Variety Show
Joga - Live At The Polar Music Prize 2010

Album Review
Eliza Ridgeway
Reviewed 2014-08-28
Covers and singles from Norwegian singer/guitarist/songwriter Ane Brun. Based out of Stockholm, she’s got an acoustic, folk, female sound. Tinged with country/blues, this album crosses genres and spans 50 decades of sound. Minimalist orchestration and interpretive covers give way to epic walls of sound, track by track. Play if you love pop, play if you hate pop.
FCC warning: disc 2 track 8
Favorites: (disc 1:) 1,2,7,9 (disc 2:) 3,4

1) **2:04 All My Tears: Rueful, folky ballad you’ll have heard from Julie Miller/EmmyLou Harris,
2) *3:53 Halo: Beyonce cover - plucked strings, downtempo, featuring cellist Linnea Olsson
3) 4:59 Daring to Love: Ane Brun original, downtempo, reminiscent Neko Case, Gillian Welch
4) 1:57 From Me to You: Beatles cover, solo voice + guitar
5) 2:55 Tragedy: Cover of EmmyLou Harris, Country/folk, reminds of Allison Krauss
6) 4:33 Ain’t No Cure for Love: Leonard Cohen lyrics, lovesong/protestation, country feel, classic chord progressions
7) **2:21 Orphan Girl: country blues, driving moment from guitar. You’ll have heard this song from Gillian Welch and EmmyLou Harris, lovely new interpretation.
8) 3:03 “1 thing”: Amerie cover, finger picking, guitar-heavy. Whiplash from the disjunct between song origins and this interpretation
9) *2:54 If I had a ribbon bow: ‘60s cover, lovely humming harmonies
10) 2:51 It’s Alright (Baby’s coming back): Eurythmics cover, accentuated guitar, uptempo, Tori Amos spirit
11) 3:59 Oh Love: Piano! more of a standard than a country song in style. Ane Brun original, downtempo

Disc 2
1) 3:23 The Opening: Full orchestration from the Fleshquartet, somewhere between broadway and lounge singer, tremulous
2) 5:00 Joga: Bjork cover - spare vocals, very faithful to Bjork’s style. Instrumental adventure at 4:00 adds moments of bass/drama. Trombones?!
3) *2:54 Falling Down: Rolling midtempo, fun harmony, piano + drums. Ane Brun original. Abrupt ending.
4) *3:40 Virvelvind: “Whirlwind,” Norwegian lyrics (finally!). Piano, midtempo, Euro-modern feel reminds me of bleached out Florence and the Machine, more cinematic, less pop-y Lykke Li, La Roux.
5) 4:27 Fly on the Windscreen: Depeche Mode cover. Cinematic/video-game-y, synth, unabashedly ‘80s stylings with a gothic twist. Kate Bush-ish.
6) 4:01 Humming One of Your Songs 2013: Ane Brun original. Blues, slow rollicking roll. Hint of Amy Winehouse in the vocals.
7) 5:14 Crawfish: Covers a jazz song Elvis performed in ‘58. Song of the bayou, call-and-response styling.
8) 2:11 Petrified Forest Road: Higher speed, piano, base percussion from male voices, chorus. Ane Brun original. “On Highway 101, we just drive.” FCC warning (fuck off)
9) 4:45 She Belongs to Me: Bob Dylan cover. Organ, percussion, sustained.

Track Listing
1. All My Tears   11. Oh Love - Piano Version
2. Halo (Feat Linnea Olsson)   12. The Opening (With Fesh Quartet)
3. Daring To Love   13. Joga - Live At The Polar Music Prize 2010
4. From Me To You   14. Falling Down
5. Tragedy   15. Virvelvind
6. Ain't No Cure For Love   16. Fly On The Windscreen (With Vince Clarke)
7. Orphan Girl   17. Humming One Of Your Songs 2013
8. 1 Thing   18. Craw Fish (With Club Killers)
9. If I Hade A Ribbon Bow   19. Petrified Forest Road
10. It's Alright 9baby's Coming Back)   20. She Belongs To Me