Deleted Scenes / Lithium Burn
Album: Lithium Burn   Collection:General
Artist:Deleted Scenes   Added:Jul 2014
Label:Park The Van Records  

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Album Review
Alejandra Salazar
Reviewed 2014-07-22
Deleted Scenes
Lithium Burns
Park the Van/Nevado, 2014

Falsetto, reverb and guitar riff heavy. Most of these songs follow a pattern of building up to some variety of messy, energized noise in the last minute or so. However, it’s a good, effective formula they've come up with, and it gets really fun to listen to when they start messing around with noise within that formula. There are definitely some gems in here that stand really well on their own, depending on the vibe you’re going for.

FCCs: 11

**1. (2:13) High charged start, sweet guitar riffs. Can’t understand a word, but you still want to yell along with the chorus.
2. (4:59) Really charged, builds up to a wonderful, messy final 30 seconds of haywire noise. Lots of overlapping guitar and percussion, slightly warped vox.
**3. (4:14) Leads with keys. More morose, introspective, emotional, ballady. Good choice if you’re wanting a slower track. Particularly beautiful when it’s just the stripped down piano and reverbed vox.
4. (4:35) Droning beeps (a la vintage video games) underlying throughout and keep the track grounded amongst all its tonal/pacing shifts. Quite a ride, particularly towards the loud, frenzied finish.
5. (4:11) Sleepy, lazy song. Slowed down tempo and lots of instrumental reverb.
*6. (1:57) Transitory piece in the album, but it’s a really cool instrumental worth playing if you find a place for it: there’s an alien-esque whirring noise driving the whole thing, and it’s got a very space-y feel to it.
**7. (3:48) Lead vox having fun with some alien-y noises/effects/filters; backed by some wailing guitars (also a bit alien-y) and heavy percussion. Hit or miss, but it’s lots of fun to listen to.
***8. (5:48) Big fan of the simple formula in place here: sporadic bits of heavy guitar along really simple vocals. It’s as if the track’s slower tempo helps you hear how it was assembled. Personal favorite from the album.
9. (3:17) Very heavy, very messy. Chorus feels like it was cut and pasted from a separate track. Also, the tone is less “beautiful cacophony” and more “hitting you over the head with heavy guitar”.
10. (4:03) Sleepier opening and slower tempo, inevitable dramatic ballad buildup. Solid track.
11. (3:37) The first line from the first song where you can fully understand the lead vox, and you get an FCC: “fuck”. It’s an angry song, with surprisingly effective loud, soft, loud, soft tempo transitioning.

Track Listing
1. Haircuts/Uniforms   6. Debussy
2. Caught In The Brights   7. Stutter
3. Landfall   8. House Of Dust
4. Let's Not Try To Fix Everything At Once   9. Teenage Kids
5. Seasons Of The Wire   10. Tell Me A Secret
  11. You Get To Say Whatever You Want