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Album Review
John West
Reviewed 2014-06-13
experimental beat offering from teebs on flying lotus’s label brainfeeder. held together with lots of clicking/clinking found sounds, light and outdoor chimes. chill but not cheerful, perfect for the mood of stanford students still on summer vacation after friends on semester schedules have left. FCC free.
recommended if you like flying lotus, fennesz.

1. shimmering synth riff with loud chimes. clicky found noises and bongo a la shlohmo.
2. adventure-y deep drumbeats and shakers galore. melancholy, last-week-of-summer synth riff backgrounded. really beautiful, dusty strings at the end (favorite sound of the album)
3. one of the feature tracks. more traditional beat with weird rain-stick noises, bird calls, backtrack synths. high male vocals from guest layered on top of each other (not into these).
**4. more clickiness, found sounds of glasses and bells. female/child vocals way backgrounded. explodes into more traditional boom-bap over these elements after a really cool moment of silence. transition is my favorite moment of the album.
5. static as instrument, with more backtracked synths. fast jungle drums and staccato drumstick taps come in halfway through. these elements stack toward the end with ever-cleaner synth riffs.
6. as name implies, hi-hats (from a distance). simple synth riff carries. more of his cohesive and cool car-trunk bass drums emphasized. transition to lower key at half.
7. starts lowww. high, broken, stretched synth keys added on top. 70’s pre-programmed organ beat.
**8. snappy hi-hat beat, heard from the other end of a beach. short and sweet.
9. dramatic synth keys on heavy static. titular piano riff below the static starts at 1:20. more backtracked vocals cohesive with rest of the album. not a lot going on here.
10. feature from perfuse 73 (they did a pretty good collaboration earlier this year). rushing strings running over themselves. heavy bass drums and acoustic guitar, with a similar organ beat as 7.
***11. this one is cool. bird sounds and sleigh bells bells emblematic of earlier tracks, with the best vocal moment of the album, a broken “ooo”-ing. bizarre laser sounds at the end.
12. super high riff sped up and down erratically, more of teebs’s clinky chain noises. guitar riff with bent chords repeats below. sousaphone (?) and acoustic guitar toward the end.

Track Listing
1. The Endless   6. Hi Last
2. View Point   7. Ny Pt1
3. Holiday   8. Piano Days
4. Shooss   9. Ny Pt2
5. Sotm   10. Mondaze
  11. Wavxxes