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Album: Knock Knock   Collection:Blues
Artist:Broussard, T & The Zydeco Steppers   Added:Apr 2014
Label:Soulwood Records  

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Album Review
Lola Love - Zydeco Lady
Reviewed 2014-04-04
T-Broussard and the Zydeco Steppers do what they do so brilliantly, and yet so casually, they make it seem simple. After the exciting release of his previous album Git-It-On Git-It-On, T-Broussard and the Zydeco Steppers raise the musical bar with even more confident sounds on Knock Knock, reminding the Zydeco Nation that a “T-Boo party” is lurking and the dancer’s can expect over 60 minutes of hot Zydeco music! From the first cord of his accordion and the first beat of the drum, the dancers will be on their feet driven by the pulsating beats and the smooth sounds of T-Broussard!

Track 1 Knock Knock, is the CD’s title track and sets the pace of the CD with catchy high energy accordion rifts and not so subtle scrub board in the background make this song worthy of the best Zydeco dancers.

Track 2 I Don't Know , is a hot, smooth and funky track done T-Broussard style! When you hear this track, the only thing better than listening to this song is watching T-Broussard performing it live!

Track 3 Let Your Love Drop, This song is hot! You can hear the influence of the Zydeco Force sound incorporated with that T-Broussard magic… Takes me back.

Track 4 Free at Last, is a song that is the sleeper on the CD. The song is emotional and it’s personal. T-Broussard comes correct on this one with a sinister accordion rift, paced with a steady beat, tight rubbing on the scrub board, a smooth bass line holding the song together, and a righteous lead solo, with the Zydeco Boss himself Keith Frank on the background vocals, giving the track that classic Soulwood sound…excellent!

Track 5 Let Me Be , is a strong and catchy Zydeco dance track that perhaps, can only be fully appreciated when you see this song performed live! Regardless you will dance to this one.

Track 6 Stand Up In It, This ain’t Theodis Ealey, but you get the idea behind this track, and T-Broussard & the Zydeco Steppers deliver one hot suggestive track. Trailriders watch out for this track, you just might go buck wild!

Track 7 Belly Rub , is another suggestive track on the CD, except this a Zydeco slow jam served up old school style! Be prepared to engage in some close quarter dancing on this one.

Track 8 Never Gonna Give Up , is an inspirational, lighthearted and uplifting Zydeco track with potential crossover appeal. You can almost hear song on mainstream radio, public television or in a movie sound track. This is a great song and tribute to the underdog in all of us.

Track 9 The Beat Go On , T-Broussard and the Zydeco Steppers go buck wild on this track with highly syncopated beats, short catchy lyrics “do a little dip and wiggle yo’ hip” steadily repeated can whip a dancer into a trans-like state.

Track 10 Give It Up , is an strong and upbeat track that incorporates elements of the old Creole and Cajun two step in Zydeco Nouveau style developed and made popular by the late Beau Jocque.

Track 11 Pray For Me , is another sleeper on the CD. T-Broussard anchors this inspirational song by reaching deep into his Creole roots and sings the song in Creole French. The music on the track is hot and this is another song where T-Broussard’s live performance of this song is classic!

Track 12 Cofa' , T-Broussard’s mother Mrs. Mary Jane Broussard makes a rare appearance on this track by playing the accordion and sing the lyrics on this Creole classic. One of the few women actively playing Creole music Mrs. Mary Jane Broussard is credited with nurturing and helping T-Broussard to develop his musical skills and understanding and embracing his Creole heritage.

Track 13 Lacassine Two Step , This song is a hidden gem on the CD as Mrs. Mary Jane Broussard plays the accordion and sings the lyrics on this classic Creole song! You can’t listen to the CD without visiting this song.

Track 14 Tonight I’m Getting Drunk , is a smooth Zydeco Waltz done old school Creole style! Very nice!

Track 15 T-Broussard , is a strong closing track on the CD. The song has that signature Soulwood sound, and T-Broussard confidently let’s the Zydeco Nation know who he is "…oh T-Broussard, understand I’m a hell of a man, can’t nobody do it like I can, Lawd’oh Lawd"…yes indeed!

Knock Knock is an album with substance, style, and raw musical talent, rooted deep in traditional La La music. Knock Knock includes guest performances by the renowned Creole accordionist, Mary Jane Broussard (T-Broussard’s mother) who is credited for inspiring and nurturing T-Broussard’s musical career and his understanding of Zydeco Music and Creole culture. Good CD’s come and go with the seasons, great CD’s are as rare as a perfect gemstone. Knock Knock is a great album and the future of Zydeco Music. T-Broussard and the Zydeco Steppers not only get the job done, they get the job done right!

Track Listing
1. Knock Knock   8. Never Gonna Give Up
2. I Don't Know   9. The Beat Go On
3. Let Your Love Drop   10. Give It Up
4. Free At Last   11. Pray For Me
5. Let Me Be   12. Cofa
6. Stand Up In It   13. Lacassine Two Step
7. Belly Rub   14. Tonight I'm Getting Drunk
  15. T Broussard