Analog Rebellion / I'lle Grande
Album: I'lle Grande   Collection:General
Artist:Analog Rebellion   Added:Mar 2014
Label:Dabbo Records  

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1. May 15, 2014: Radio Personality
I Am A Ghost
4. May 08, 2014: Stringless Balloon
I Am A Ghost
2. May 15, 2014: Stringless Balloon
Group Of Thieves
5. May 03, 2014: Music Casserole
Out Of Your Mind
3. May 13, 2014: A-philiac
Group Of Thieves, The Genre Is Self Aware, Out Of Your Mind
6. May 01, 2014: Radio Personality
I Am A Ghost

Album Review
Graham Anderson
Reviewed 2014-03-20
Analog Rebellion /Ill’e Grande / Dabbo

Musical genre-bending rock songs

Fantastic! Well-structured songs feature sensationally dirty, haunting, and thrilling sounds, stealing (not borrowing) from indie, indie pop, funk, math rock, and prog-rock (jazz). Male and female vocalists make every song count with understated musicality. Each song has a consistent theme and genre, and even though the genre changes with the track number, the album plays like a symphony. This is highly highly recommended.

1. 3:16 * FCC at 0:28, RHCP-style funk groove with angular tenor vox, 8-bit noise effect interlude, changes to double-time groove near end with drum improving and guitar noise, exceptional in its soundscape, like a magic cavern
2. 3:52 * Bass and tambourine groove below captivating alto vox, guitar anthem and tension-building noise, Brian May-sound lead guitar fills, ritardando outro
3. 2:31 * Dark classic heavy metal intro groove, followed by an addictive 8-bit effect guitar riff and paranoid echo male vox / vox noise, skipping tape ghostly “nothing” to finish. Rock!
4. 2:36 “oh” vox riff over late 2000’s indie rhythm guitar and bass, frantic male falsetto hook “don’t want to lose ya” and female vox response, this track is a peak back at last decade’s disruptive rock bands
5. 2:11 * FCCs throughout silence after 2:03,math-rock rhythmic intro, polyrhythm rim click, thrashed bass guitar riff, so dirty and technical at the same time, angular riff and distorted vox, spare guitar outro
6. 2:57 Piano and synth bass below haunting alto, affected funk / rock tenor, boxy sounding kit beat, noise bass, haunting down temp track
7. 1:34 interesting chord changes on organ, 6/8 monstrous wall of rock repeats the changes, synth-effect guitar causes you to question your allegiances, cello finishes you off real good without ever hearing vox
8. 2:23 ** 7/8 intro, excellent cord changes on guitar over snare brushes, female vox haunts things up “are we a group of thieves now?” alternating major and minor, chorus takes us to a dramatic but short Mars Volta-style 4/4 anthem, then back to 7/8 tension with resonating guitar notes.
9. 1:03 * Distressed female robot-effect vox, assembly line beat, and it’s gone
10. 2:51 Cheery pop “ooh-ooh” intro, strong AC Newman-influenced sound, upbeat indie guitar rhythm, bass tom beat, happy chord changes, oblique lyrics, noise out
11. ** 3:45 Female vox over spare undistorted guitar evolves into torch song switching between 6/8 and 4/8, 1:57 brings a forte wall of lush sound, which proceeds to self-destruct, revealing alto vox, ready to reveal “I’ve got bodies in the back of my Cadillac” Wish it would go on for longer!
12. 4:49 6/8 synth string arpeggios to 4/4 down tempo lounge funk / jazz with female vox, “quiet down you capitalist”, piano, organ, vibra keys, fiddle-style violin, rhythm cello build on another haunting melodic hook, ride drums oblige, evoking “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”
Graham Anderson

Track Listing
1. I'lle Grande   7. The Genre Is Self Aware
2. Out Of Your Mind   8. Group Of Thieves
3. Goblin King   9. Draw That Armadillo
4. Atm   10. We're Not Talking Anymore Lawy
5. Hot Shit   11. I Am A Ghost
6. Now I Am A Cobra   12. Sing With Me Kelly