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Artist:Antediluvian   Added:Mar 2014
Label:Nuclear War Now!  

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Towers Of Silence
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Towers Of Silence
2. Apr 14, 2014: Deathcrush
Towers Of Silence
5. Mar 19, 2014: Brownian Motion
Homunculus Daimon-Eon (Awakening)
3. Apr 02, 2014: Brownian Motion
Homunculus Daimon-Eon (Awakening)
6. Mar 17, 2014: Deathcrush
Nuclear Crucifixion (Turning The Spear Inward)

Album Review
Reviewed 2014-03-14
Holy shit, what the fuck did I just hear? This might be the most disgustingly evil, muddy sounding black metal band on the face of the earth. Hailing from a distant galaxy known as Canada, Antediluvian is what you get when Portal and Mitochondrion have a diabolical threeway with Blasphemy (another classic Canadian band that is BANNED FROM THE U.S.) and abort the resulting fetus in a cemetery that has been flooded with toxic waste. This is great stuff, play any/all tracks, all FCC safe as far as human ears can discern.

1. (2:50) starts with 15secs of chanting and spooky atmospheres before going totally nuts, shit gets so intense there is a piercing “aaaaugh” accompanying the guitar solo
2. (3:32) evil guttural vocals, blastbeats, incessant whammy-bar guitar solos, an ominous semi-spoken incantation at the end adds to the eeriness, segues into…
3. (3:19)* borderline grindcore it’s so fucking fast, insane drum patterns make creative use of ride cymbal, fucking hell this is great
4. (4:42) intense fast death-metal tremolo riffs that will give you whiplash, steady pounding onslaught
5. (3:08) some more creepy basement sounds for a few seconds before total fucking destruction, cool interplay of spoken/gurgled vocals
6. (3:37)*** if the vocals and drums didn’t give you shivers down your spine before, this one ought to do the trick
7. (2:54) fast blastbeat destruction for the most part, but a brief section of eerie guitar harmonies slows things down, builds momentum
8. (4:13) 20secs of dark ambient, then some fucking nasty evil shit, a slow doomy bridge changes things up before a totally ripping conclusion
9. (6:12) slow, sludgy closing track, crawls along until suddenly jerking back into warp speed halfway through, finishes with some crazy guitar effects and more evil spoken word

Track Listing
1. Homunculus Daimon-Eon (Awakening)   5. Beyond Diurnal Winds
2. Consumate Spellbound Synapses   6. Nuclear Crucifixion (Turning The Spear Inward)
3. Towers Of Silence   7. On The Tree Of Death
4. The Ash And The Stars   8. Transept Of Limbs
  9. Death Meta