Ultra Bide / Dna Vs Dna-C
Album: Dna Vs Dna-C   Collection:General
Artist:Ultra Bide   Added:Jan 2014
Label:Alternative Tentacles Records  

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Recent Airplay
1. Apr 03, 2014: Sunshine ... in the Afternoon
Civil Action
4. Mar 13, 2014: Aporeia
Civil Action
2. Apr 03, 2014: Stringless Balloon
Civil Action
5. Mar 13, 2014: The Sunset Life
Civil Action
3. Mar 18, 2014: Setting Fire to the Lab
21st Century Nuclear, Civil Action
6. Mar 04, 2014: Setting Fire to the Lab
Civil Action

Album Review
Reviewed 2014-01-29
Dark, driving noise rock from veteran Japanese band: the best way I can describe it is Melt-Banana meets Dead Kennedys. Lots of metallic dissonance drawing on weird early hardcore bands like Die Kreuzen, Wipers, Beefeater, Effigies, or anything involving Jello Biafra. This shit is killer!
FCC clean, lyrics mostly gibberish and stray phrases. Play any/all.

1. (3:005) eavy delay and reverb effects over pounding noisy raving, Wipers meets Unsane?
2. (2:54) INSTRUMENTAL. awkwardly restrained chugging rocker, creative dynamics and use of flanger
3. (0:16) brief stereo-panned cymbal wash
4. (2:08) anxious incessant rhythms, Minutemen meets Gauze?
5. (2:09) Angry apocalyptic Japcore with motorpunk catchiness, kind of like a sillier G.I.S.M. which is a reference only Ragnar will get but check them out a.s.a.p.
6. (3:55) Pissed-off but funky punk dirge, see Effigies’ “Security”
7. (3:59) Dirty bass grooves and weird-ass guitar effects, spoken-wordish vocals, holy shit this is great
8. (2:45) jittery one-two hardcore punch, almost instrumental pogo anthem with some ranting about “nuclear crack”(??) in the end
9. (1:23) one minute of wobbling phaser tones and a bit of drums, a pointless interlude
10. (2:54) call-and-response pattern between bass and guitar, maybe theremin? mostly just weird-ass guitar and more gibberish yelling
11. (5:26)most heavily processed guitar sound, develops into a bizarre surf-punk chugger like Adolescents or Agent Orange smoking some bootleg Japanese hash

Track Listing
1. Dna Vs Dna-C   6. She's So Difficult
2. Alabama Bomb   7. Civil Action
3. Pan To Wow   8. 21st Century Nuclear
4. Sonic Crash   9. Phase Is Massive Power Attack Weapon
5. Anarchy In Your Eyes   10. Front Line
  11. Look You Up