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Control Room: Smoke Grind And Sleep Mix
3. Feb 10, 2014: Deathcrush
The Horizon On Lynx
2. Feb 24, 2014: Deathcrush
The Antenna Galaxies (Ngc 4038-4039(
4. Jan 27, 2014: Deathcrush
Preemptive Epitaph For The Living

Album Review
Rev. R4D4
Reviewed 2014-01-30
Brutal Truth/Bastard Noise split
Flashback to the mid-nineties and you and your scumdog friends are cruizing to the Gilman to see some powerviolence and BASTARD NOISE takes the stage, Wood's feedback twiggles make your ears bleed and you realize what you smoked was NOT *just weed as thoughts of civilization's collapse and after hours jack in the box fills your head. But I digress, Brutal Truth joins in on this outing to make sure you rightly suffer. Any track will take you to necessary dark places. Wish CyThoth was around for this release (RIP)
NO FCCS :) Rev. by Rev. R4D4

Disc 1 (CD release) (1-4 Bastard Noise, 5-6 Brutal Truth)

1. (7:28) That out-of-control, classic bee-buzz feedback with guitar drop-z strums, ends with summoning howl
2. (8:09) Much darker, my dear. low ambient start w. the bird chirps calling up unspeakable powers.
Howls of some dammed beast as well.
3. (8:43) back&forth fruit fly soundbed for those brave souls who decide to headphone this, with more mids than last tracks.
4. (7:36) If you could possibly say there are harsher tracks, then, yeah this is it.
Reminds me of angry howler monkeys pissing on an electric fence.
5. (23:56) similar in thematic details to the epic Disc2 first track. But srsly, *wow* on this one too. More sick drums at about 14mins in.
6. (7:03) Perfect ending to the tale. As Method Man said "All in together now". Noise, guitars, drums.

Disc 2 (Vinyl release) (1 Brutal Truth, 2-4 Bastard Noise)

1. (18:18) **EPIC piece. Like some wiretapped conspiracy coming to life, ie, Now. Creepy
and with less high pitch. Cythoth would do the super-position mix on this baby. loose drums
add some movement at about 9min in.
2. (6:35)Heartbeatish bass drum beat, noise, howls and vocals! An epitaph for us all.
3. (5:32) Sweet baby jesus, the panning on this aural attack!!! You took the wrong turn at this galaxy.
4. (4:29) "Frack, Baby, Frack" Hearing pleads bounce of Gilman's grimy walls to read Noam Chomsky.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Bastard Noise The Duel Of The Ant And The Dragonfly
2. Bastard Noise The Horizon On Lynx
3. Bastard Noise Horned Beetle Conflict
4. Bastard Noise Mantis Colony
5. Brutal Truth Control Room: Smoke Grind And Sleep Mix
6. Brutal Truth The Stroy
7. Brutal Truth Control Room-Peace Is The Victory Mix
8. Bastard Noise Preemptive Epitaph For The Living
9. Bastard Noise The Antenna Galaxies (Ngc 4038-4039(
10. Bastard Noise Frack Baby Frack