Soft Speaker / Turkish Mindbathers/International Scheiße, Dummkopf!
Album: Turkish Mindbathers/International Scheiße, Dummkopf!   Collection:General
Artist:Soft Speaker   Added:Jan 2014

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And One For Dollfuss
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Reach Inside The Pulsing Membrane
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Album Review
Reviewed 2014-01-23
Fuzzy psych rock from Chicago with a bit of guitar edge to go with the krauty touches and heavy effects that you're used to. Big nods to turn of the 70s legends like Floyd, Sabbath with some proggy influences esp. on lyrics, vocals. First 8 tracks an album, final 4 an EP

RIYL Pink Floyd 68-72, Bitchin Bajas, Lumerians, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Uncle Acid

1 (2:21) Shuffling spacy, first half sung/spoke second half fuzzes into noise, ends with a shout
2 (7:01) Fuzzy, plodding, nice vocal melodies, hard early 70s feel, some deconstructed kraut, fades into 3
*3 (4:58) Acoustic plucking into driving psych, blurry vox
*4 (6:21) Marching beat; deep, appropriately cheesy vox about a showdown into less cheesy, more motorik, big solo
5 (4:43) Swirling, folky around thick bass; solo
6 (4:49) FCC FUCK Flute, keys, slower, poppy plod
7 (4:33) Big crunching/soaring guits, stony feel
8 (6:56) Straightforward indie-psych-fuzz, pretty nice
9 (0:04) EP name, stated
10 (9:05) Wandering warbling guits, stony, dark
*11 (4:24) Sunny bluesy, some falsetto, grooving pop, long shuffling drum section before end
*12 (4:51) Sunny, noisy, frustrated pop; big guitars again
13 (7:52) Steady drumbeat, distorted solos, grooving bass, long winddown

Track Listing
1. And One For Dollfuss   7. Reach Inside The Pulsing Membrane
2. Blown From The Road   8. I Had No Preconceptions
3. Expressions (For Men)   9. International Scheiße, Dummkopf!
4. Showdown   10. Little Boysenberry Boy Sings "Bring Me Gilded Prostitutes"
5. I'll Tend Your Garden   11. Pacing Underneath The Moon
6. Greenhouse Instance   12. Boca Raton
  13. Youth Of America