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Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 2014
Label:Pole Group  

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Hate, Hold It Down

Album Review
Jack Wang
Reviewed 2014-01-10
COLL: Unknown Landscapes Selected 1 Label: Pole Group

Pole Group has put together a muderer's row of techno - 16 incredible techno tracks that are all hard-hitting and uncompromising. All tracks feature slammin' beats and a variety of percussive, noisy, dark effects, often with sinister ambience and grinding mechanical tones. These are the hallmarks of good techno. And the big names like Oscar Mulero, Christian Wunsch, Adam X, Jonas Kopp, Developer, Pfirter all deliver. Try: 2,3,5,7,10,11,12,13,16.

CD 1: Try: 2,3,5,7
1. Dark and sinister. Creepy tones and mechanical noises and a low rolling bass.
2. Swirls and fluttering percussive effects layered over beats. Has an airy atmospheric feel though.
3. The bass grinds you into dust, which becomes the textured crackles on this pounder.
4. The atmospheric effects are epic. Layered swirls & drones over thudding beats.
5. Like the title suggests - a storm of beats, drones, ping-ponging effects.
6. Moody & atmospheric. Light ringing tones, a low bassline, theatrical ambience.
7. Brutality that borders on industrial. Grinding buzzsaws of noise and crushing beats.
8. Dark ambience that's richly layered with textures of noise that swirls in & out.

CD 2: Try: 10,11,12,13,16.
9. Nervous & twitchy track w/ funny little effects playing around.
10. Hard-hitting thumping beats with dark grinds and a nervous pitched-up tone.
11. Brutal. I took a 2nd listen and loved the twitchy bleeping tones.
12. Dark and ominous. Mechanical basslines and big industrial crashing tones.
13. Hard-driving. Big thumping beats and a metallic tone reverberating.
14. Strong sci-fi influences here. Chugga-chugga beats and a bouncing synth tone.
15. Hard. Grinding mechanical sounds with crushing beats.
16. The lightest track on the album. Sci-fi synth ambience and some vocal samples.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Dvs1 Strobe
2. Mulero, Oscar Second Layer
3. Wunsch, Christian Thooft
4. Exium Solar Masses
5. Mulero, Oscar Electric Storm
6. Reeko Enlightenment Process
7. Adam X Meridian Arc
8. Forward Strategy Group Plough
9. Martinez, Victor Relay Truncate
10. Kopp, Jonas M31
11. Kwartz Hate
12. Developer Hold It Down
13. Pfirter Graviton
14. Spherical Coordinates Schln-10
15. Nx1 P1
16. Tadeo They So