Rideau, Step & The Zydeco Outlaws / Like Never Before
Album: Like Never Before   Collection:Blues
Artist:Rideau, Step & The Zydeco Outlaws   Added:Jan 2014
Label:Bridge To Entertainment  

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Album Review
Lola Love - Zydeco Lady
Reviewed 2014-01-10
Step Rideau & the Zydeco Outlaws are in a class by themselves. Their Zydeco music and sound is not only unique, rough, rugged, high energy, and built for the Zydeco Dance Halls, Trailrides, and outdoor festivals that are the foundation of Zydeco and Creole Musical tradition. This well respected Houston based Zydeco band, with deep Louisiana roots is only Zydeco outfit regularly sampled by southern hip-hip groups and is one of the premier Zydeco Bands in the Zydeco Nation! Their 2010 CD “Like Never Before” contains 14 hot Zydeco tracks that will keep you dancing for hours! This CD is a must have and if you don’t want a workout, stay away from this CD!

1) 4:28 “Like Never Before”- HOT TRACK -CD SLEEPER – Title Track sets the pace of the CD…HOT dance instrumental with driving rugged beats and accordion playing.

2) 4:54 “Rockin’ Chair” – HOT CLASSIC TRACK-CD SLEEPER – Classic Gwen McCrea Track played and sung Zydeco Creole Style…for all those “Zydeco Ladies!”

3) 3:51 “Creole Way” – HOT TRACK – Hot 2 Step Zydeco track. La Cayenne!!!

4) 3:23 “Come On Over” HOT TRACK -CD SLEEPER – This song is destined to be a Trailride classic! Let the dust fly!!!

5) 4:16 “Take Your Time” – HOT TRACK-CD SLEEPER – Love this upbeat Zydeco 2 step dance track!!! Step Rideau & the Zydeco Outlaws do it right!

6) 3:30 “Let’s Talk About Old Times” – HOT TRACK – It you love to do the Creole waltz, this is the song for you!

7) 4:36 “Don’t Stop The Zydeco Music” – HOT TRACK – Classic Yarbrough & Peeples Track done Zydeco Outlaw Style!

8) 4:57 “I See What You Like” – HOT TRACK-CD SLEEPER – This track is HOT, HOT HOT, and captures that rugged, driving Zydeco Outlaw style!

9) 4:48 “If U Don’t Mind” – HOT TRACK-CD SLEEPER – Love this down home Creole Zydeco Song!!!

10) 4:10 “Wish It Was Me U Love” – HOT TRACK-CD SLEEPER – Step Rideau & long time drummer Jean Pau Jolivette team up to produce the surprise of the CD!!! Watch out for this one!

11) 5:03 “Pull It Til’ It Pops” – HOT TRACK-CD SLEEPER – This track is arguably the track that stands out the most on an outstanding CD. If you are not moving on this one, then “call the undertaker, because you are dead!!!”

12) 7:02 “Please Take Me” – HOT TRACK – Step Rideau & the Zydeco Outlaws slow it down with a classic track from the late great Marvin Sease.

13) 3:39 “Zydeco Swing Out” – HOT TRACK – If you are down south in a Texas & Louisiana club, you will understand the crossover appeal of Step Rideau & the Zydeco Outlaws as this track is regularly played on the southern club scene.

14) 4:47 “U Can’t Keep A Good Man Down” – HOT TRACK-CD SLEEPER – Hot 2 Step Zydeco Dance Track! Watch out for this one!!!

Track Listing
1. Like Never Before   8. I See What You Like
2. Rockin' Chair   9. If U Don't Mind
3. Creole Way   10. Wish It Was Me U Love
4. Come On Over   11. Pull It 'til It Pops
5. Take Your Time   12. Please Take Me
6. Let's Talk About The Old Times   13. Zydeco Swing Out
7. Don't Stop The Zydeco Music   14. U Can't Keep A Good Man Down