T.O.M.B. / Third Wave Holocaust
Album: Third Wave Holocaust   Collection:General
Artist:T.O.M.B.   Added:Jan 2014
Label:Malignant Records  

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Album Review
The Grunt
Reviewed 2014-01-05
Tags: Death Industrial, Dark Ambient, Field Recordings, Noise, Malignant Records
RIYL: Deathstench, Gnaw Their Tongues, Trepaneringsritualen

GREAT ALBUM! This is a unique approach to experimental ambient / noise! Hailing from Pennsylvania, T.O.M.B. has been making a name for themselves over the last 10 years. My understanding is that they primarily use field recordings (from abandoned factories, cemeteries, condemned insane asylums, etc.), chop them up, and beat them down with effects, in order to create their brand of ULTRA SCARY ambient / noise / sometimes-black-metal. I will probably play this album every week! You should too and MENTION THAT IT'S RELEASED ON MALIGNANT RECORDS!!!

1.) + + + (5:21) Dark ambient with effected female spoken word, slow sparse chime, creepy distorted death industrial. No instruments, beats, or vocals…just an aural nightmare.
2.) (6:48) Microphone in arctic blizzard. There is no escape from the washes of windy noise.
3.) + + + (5:04) Mellow but scary dark ambient. Occasional metallic thuds, but nothing to call a beat.
4.) + + (5:45) Echoing male solo chant. Eventually starts to blend into ambient noise.
5.) + (5:22) Medium-harsh steady droning ambient noise. Some modulations and washes over top.
6.) + + (4:14) Super overdriven bass tones, howling echoing feedback, a little windswept, a little crackly. Dense in the middle but more sparse at the beginning and end. Abrupt end.
7.) + + + (4:25) Treble-heavy sounds like a knife-fight in a subway. Rhythms are distantly pounded out on a 5-gallon bucket. Great atmosphere!
8.) + + + (4:36) Sparse banging metal in factory, it echoes off the walls and almost sounds like a scream. Rumbling ambient beneath.
9.) + (7:46) Mostly overblown droning distorted ambient noises, but there are a few textural shifts along the way to keep it interesting.
10.) + + + (6:29) Dark Ambient creeptacular. If any song was recorded in an insane asylum, this one is it. A distant bell chimes incessantly in the background, soft but ominous washes of psychedelic distortion, ephemeral voices from a forgotten past whisper for you, they are trying to contact you, why won't you answer them? WHY WON'T YOU ANSWER!!!

-The Grunt

Track Listing
1. Antagonizing The Unknown   6. Disrupting Admin
2. Electric Exorcism   7. Vom Voodoo
3. The Great Venerat Insult   8. Third Wave Holocaust
4. Na La Gore Na   9. Clairvoyant Frequencies
5. Vulgarity   10. Tribute To Hanhua