Green Velvet / Unshakable
Album: Unshakable   Collection:General
Artist:Green Velvet   Added:Dec 2013

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1. Dec 31, 2013: Pumping Iron
Move Your Body
2. Dec 24, 2013: Pumping Iron
Dance To My Beat

Album Review
Jack Wang
Reviewed 2013-12-09
Green Velvet - Unshakable Label: Relief

Green Velvet. He's a legendary Chicago house producer as Cajmere, but he's also the techno-punk pioneer as Velvet. In all his works there is a signature mad-scientist genius. Beats, noise, bass, twisted vocals all coalesce into a uniquely signature sound. In his latest album after a long break, he works with some newer names (Gary Beck, Oliver $) to put out some edgy techno & house. What's special about this album is that the tracks are all motivated by a defiant spiritual strength not seen before in his music. I loved this whole album. But you should try: 1,2,3,5,8,10,11.

1. Boomin' bass beats, as Velvet says "I was raised by robots". Huge Kraftwerk tribute in the middle of this track. Classic throwback 90s house banger.
2. The crushing beats of Gary Beck plus an inspirational phrase that matches the industrial strength of this track. Intense!
3. Velvet works with Oliver $ to throw down a dirty, twisted, broken-beat tech-house pounder.
4. Techy-house with funky tribal-esque hints & warped effects - groovy yet twisted
5. Velvet reprises his 90s classic w/ an even more dubbed-out spacey out-of-body version.
6. Tech-house track with tough & defiant lyrics, techy buzzes, dark ambience.
7. Epic 10-minute tech-house track. Twisted buzzy synths, kooky loops, spacey effects.
8. Acid! A vintage analog sound but produced with Velvet's signature style. Pounding beats, swirly effects, twisted acid noises. So good!
9. Demented and twisted techno with insistent percussive effects. Messes you up!
10. Dancefloor banger. Thumpin' beats, a twisted pitched-up warble that insinuates itself and ties you up. And there's a strange random handclap at points. Love this track!
11. Bouncey beats & claps, a vocal loop "on the inside" - techy dancefloor banger!
12. Booty-shakin' Miami-bass-style hip-hop. Interesting experiment for Velvet.
13. Insistent siren drones and grinding bass. Warped vocals, high-pitched noises.

Track Listing
1. Robots   7. In Your Spirit
2. Stronger   8. Paradise
3. Dance To My Beat   9. Sinkhole
4. Move Your Body   10. Minitaka
5. Leave Your Body   11. On The Inside
6. Unstoppable   12. Check U Out
  13. Free Yourself