Sevin / Commissary
Album: Commissary   Collection:Hip-hop
Artist:Sevin   Added:Nov 2013
Label:Hog Mob Muzik  

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Album Review
Dan of LJH
Reviewed 2014-01-04
This album is a keeper for any fan of west-coast, gansta-style hip hop. The mix of great production, great vocals and strong messages make this an instant classic. A unique feature of this album is the mix of rap + read scripture verses. My favorite tracks are: 1, 7, 9, 10, 12. There are some possible FCC violations on this album, explicit content for use of the n*** word. #s 2, 5, 6. 7 (damn is used here), 10, 11 (multiple times) fit this criteria. Dan, Lift Jesus Higher.

1) 1) *4:46 – Medium/slow tempo. Hard drum kits, synths and production on this track. Very west coast with a new millennium twist. There are 2 versions of this song on this album and this one is my favorite version. Nice vocals and details on this song.

2) 2) 4:38 – Medium/slow tempo. 808s and synths carry the melody on this track along with a lot of accent sounds. Very creative with his background vocals and ad-libs on the production end. But that’s one thing I noticed throughout this album. Very real and very street. Nice self-harmonies on the chorus.

3) 3) 5:33 - Medium tempo. Very funky- one of my favorites, musically and stylistically. Got Selah the Corner on this one and they both kill it! Also, a nice touch with the futuristic vocal additions. A sine-type-synth carries the melody along with hard crashes and bass kicks and a drum-line type snare.

4) 4) 6:23 – Medium/fast tempo. Gansta, almost old-school Dre sound on the bass-lines (think The Chronic), along with a simple piano progression. Accent synth sounds give fullness and flavor.

5) 5) 6:24 – Slow tempo. One of my favorites on this album. Love the production and the “muddy”, phased-out effects on the music and vocals used. Heavy on the synths while most other instruments are “phased-out”; also uses a jazz-inspired drum kit and bass.

6) 6) 5:22 – Fast tempo. Sounds that resemble electrical interference are used in the beginning before the beat drops. Then you hear these sounds become part of the bass progression along with other synth sounds and hard kicks. Snares and hi-hats are used but you have to listen close to hear them.

7) 7) *2:24 – Medium/fast. Another of my favorites, although this is just a free-style. Bells/chimes along with gansta drums, and orchestra hits and a smooth bass line round out the sound on this track.

8) 8) 5:12 – Slow tempo. R&B ish sound with an acoustic guitar sound, bass, smooth jazz-type drums make this contemplative track come alive. Great vocals.

9) 9) *4:37 – Another favorite, slow tempo. Goes back to that phased-out sound to make it sound like the music and vocals take the background while other vocals take the forefront. Xylophone and muffled snares with delays and kicks; Heavy reverb on the music makes this FUNKY!

10 10) *6:00 – Medium tempo. Piano progressions on top of the drum kicks and bass. A heavily tweaked hi-hat and a very punchy snare round out this track’s music.

1)11) 5:00 – Slow tempo. A few potential FCC violations on this track. Very RBL or Brotha Lynch sound (for those west coast secular rap aficionados). Acoustic guitar, claps (snares), and a sound that resembles drumsticks hitting each other carry the sound and at times you hear an almost operatic synth sound (an iteration of a bass sound).

12 12) *6:50 – Slow, worship song. Using a piano and a little auto-tune and a tight drum-kit this song takes off into my list of favorites. Good harmonies and great production.

13 13) 4:28 – “Fall” remixed. Medium tempo. Production is insane on this track and changes frequently. Samples, drums and an electric guitar sound create the ambiance for the listener to get the most out of this track.

Track Listing
1. Fall (1 Peter 5:6-11)   7. Enemywithin
2. Thank You   8. Still Love You (Ephesians 5:25-33)
3. Dummy Slap (Feat. Selah The Corner)   9. Pray For My Soul (Luke 6:27-38)
4. The Gospel (Romans 1:16-17 & 3:10-26)   10. Let It Rain (Ephesians 2:8-22)
5. Down To Sleep (Romans 14:7-11 & Philippians 1:21-29   11. Thugz Cry Feat. K-P (Psalms 6)
6. Apologize (Psalms 51) Feat. Da Da & John Wayne   12. Worthy
  13. Haleluyah (You Are)