Wolvserpent / Perigaea Antahkarana
Album: Perigaea Antahkarana   Collection:General
Artist: Wolvserpent   Added:Nov 2013
Label: Relapse Records  

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Concealed Among The Roots And Soil
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A Breath In The Shade Of Time
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A Breath In The Shade Of Time
5. May 27, 1984: Metal In The A-file
Threshold Gateway
3. Dec 05, 2013: Deathcrush
In Mirrors Of Water

Album Review
The Grunt
Reviewed 2013-11-17
WILDERNESS DOOM!!! Beautiful not-too-harsh album. As seems to be in vogue right now with the doom and black metal crowd, this album merges heavy with an appreciation for nature. All songs are long and droney / doomy. Deep growls but also some parts with bewitching female chants. This whole album is worth a listen and feels rather chill / cathartic. ALL SONGS ARE GOOD!!! If you had to press me to pick a favorite, I'd say #4 but you should PLAY ANYTHING!

2 and 5 are all heavy, 3 and 4 have large non-heavy / beautiful sections in addition to the heavy.

Disk 1
1.) Bird sounds, maybe a train overhead, ambient synths. This is what your corpse hears as it's floating under the bridge. Just an intro.
2.) (16min) Slowly trudging sad droning funeral doom giving way to some mid-tempo one-power-chord-chugging later. At 15min mark it fades out into soft bird noises.
3.) (22min) Ambient synths, bird sounds, two violins. 7min mark everything gets fuzzed out and some bass added. Light drums around 11min, kind of post-metal feel with doom growls until end.

Disk 2
4.) (23min) Droning strings (violins?) and crackling fire. 6:30min ominous droning strings, sparse beat coming from struck pieces of ringing metal, and doom growls. Eventually gives way to softly buzzing distorted guitars and moaning feedback drone. Leads into next song so either let it ride or fade it out…
5.) (17min) SUPER SLOW funeral dooooom…speeds up to a slow doom. Eventually some chugging and even pinch harmonics, but still doom. Ends on some ambient synths, fire noises, bird caws, maybe rain. Last minute is a slow fadeout, so fade out around 16min.

-The Grunt

Track Listing
1. Threshold Gateway   3. In Mirrors Of Water
2. Within The Light Of Fire   4. A Breath In The Shade Of Time
  5. Concealed Among The Roots And Soil