Vastum / Patricidal Lust
Album: Patricidal Lust   Collection:General
Artist:Vastum   Added:Nov 2013
Label:20 Buck Spin  

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Album Review
The Grunt
Reviewed 2013-11-17
SF LOCAL BAND!!! Excellent blend of death metal and doom, leaning more towards the doom side. Deep growls and consistent mid-tempo riffs. Formed in 2009, released a demo in 2011, but took a break after the death of a band member, these death doomers are back with a lyrically abstract album about the sexualization of language and discussions of the anguish and confusion associated with sexual abuse and incest and the blurry area where eroticism and madness vaporize into an unrecognizable fog of horror.

Check this interview except: "There is a kind of dialectic between the sexual and the erotic in that we are sexed through language and culture, that we are in a sense violated by language, involuntarily submitted to it, which is an intrusion, a penetration; but that there is an excess that is not contained by the sexual and this excess is the erotic. This is horrifying beyond representation. It is the nameless and faceless dread that trumps any kind of horror one can experience directly. Only an indirect approach, an oblique one, captures this kind of horror — and even then this horror is only captured in the negative, in something that is not, something repudiated and impossible to integrate, something that resists symbolization."

SOLID ALBUM! RIYL: Obituary, Autopsy

1.) + + Mid-tempo, lots of riff changes to keep it fresh while still being doomy. Guitar solo
2.) + Starts slow death metal but moves into some driving chugging. Abstract solo.
3.) You get the idea by now.
4.) + Slow power chords into some slow tremolo picking. The least death metal so far.
5.) + + Very good blending of the death with the doom here.
6.) + + Headbanger. Cool ending riff.

-The Grunt

Track Listing
1. Libidinal Spring   4. Incel
2. Enigma Of Disgust   5. Patricidal Lust
3. 3am In Agony   6. Repulsive Arousal