Vampire Weekend / Modern Vampires Of The City
Album: Modern Vampires Of The City   Collection:General
Artist:Vampire Weekend   Added:Nov 2013
Label:Xl Recordings  

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Album Review
Francis D
Reviewed 2013-11-06
“Modern Vampires of the City” Vampire Weekend
Third album in what the group describes as a trilogy. Another strong set of smart, lyrically driven alternative rock-indie pop tracks, written by Columbia grad, singer/songwriter Ezra Koenig. Lots of layers musically and plenty of hooks, reminiscent of Paul Simon’s best solo work. The most mature of the three albums — with themes ranging from rapidly passing youth (band members are now in their late 20s) to tales of everyday life in New York City.
— Francis

Recommended: 2, 3, 1, 4, 10, 7. No FCCs detected.

1. (4:11) Obvious Bicycle — Easygoing shuffle of a song. Simple, familiar faire from Vampire Weekend. Choir-like vocals encourage us to “Listen up – don’t wait” — setting the tone for the album and making this the perfect opener. ****
2. (3:23) Unbelievers — Up-tempo toe-tapper. Chugs ahead with great energy like a train on a track. Plinking piano. Inviting harmonies. A song full of hooks. ****
3. (4:12) Step — Set at a leisurely walking pace. Thumping drum and rhythmic bass line. Catchy harpsichord riffs. Lyrics are spoken and sung. Lots of Bay Area mentions in the first verse. ****
4. (2:40) Diane Young — Song title is a play on “dyin’ young” and also an apparent reference to a line of anti-aging beauty and skincare products. New spin on 1950s rock ‘n roll. Frantic rhythms. Cascading synths. Auto-tuned vocals that rise and fall. Great guitar riffs in lead break. ***
5. (3:33) Don’t Lie — Mid-tempo track. Pounding drums. Busy bass progressions. Classic-rock organ. Softly floating harmonies. Passing youth is key theme.
6. (3:58) Hannah Hunt — Quieter and airier. Lyrics about a couple who take a cross-country trip. Spare rhythm until lead break. Intimate vocals over synth strings, light piano and synth tones. Builds toward end.
7. (3:03) Everlasting Arms — Like a soulful Paul Simon song. Intricate, slightly tribal drums. Playful synth tones. Heartfelt vocals from Koenig. ***
8. (3:26) Finger Back — Amped up, march-like rhythm — with organ, synth and a flurry of vocals.
9. (3:21) Worship You — Galloping romp. Rapidly strummed guitar. Snapping snare drum. Vocals delivered at the pace of an auctioneer — with floating choruses accompanied by synth strings.
10. (5:13) Ya Hey — Chilling song. Steady beat. Prominent piano. Vocals echo through New York’s steel-and-glass canyons, with angelic choruses. Slightly annoying processed vocals like a baby’s wail repeated several times. ***
11. (4:15) Hudson — Eerie, dark, symphonic piece that begins with a mention of Henry Hudson’s presumed drowning. Prominent cello, strings and brass at times. Large church choir-type chorus. Also, machine-gun drums, ticking clock and industrial clanking pipe sounds.
12. (1:45) Young Lion — Simple, childlike closing hymn. Rich harmonies driven by a consistent bass line. Piano. Plus, the church choir again.

Track Listing
1. Obvious Bicycle   7. Everlasting Arms
2. Unbelievers   8. Finger Back
3. Step   9. Worship You
4. Diane Young   10. Ya Hey
5. Don't Lie   11. Hudson
6. Hannah Hunt   12. Young Lion