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Reviewed 2013-11-06
Boreal Sons/Threadbare/self -

Fairly run-of-the-mill indie rock with a lot of pop influences. Most tracks sound similar and are very piano heavy. Occasionally gets swirly and vocals are really sentimental/love-song ish. The slower tracks sound like The Shins trying their hands at making slow baby-making music but there isn’t too much variation from that theme. Major chords and climactic refrains are present in the first half of the album too. I do get a weird vibe that a lot of tracks could find a home on a Shane Carruth film but they’re a little too sentimental. No FCCs, RIYL: The Shins, maybe Beach House but not really, ……... Coldplay. Reviewed by Alan

1. Bloom - 3:43 - Starts with quiet piano. Drums and strings come in to create a pretty, optimistic feel. Matures at the end with stronger guitars playing off piano melody.
2. Sparks - 3:29 - Lush guitars and friendly rhythms. Fairly pop-y indie vocals and happy.
3. Quietly Awake - 4:23 - Starts slow, with massive drums and builds until you reach the many swirly/climactic indie pop choruses/verses.
4. Refrain - 4:30 - Starts slow too. Sentimental ballad-y and gets louder/climactic but doesn’t really speed up like the previous track.
5. The Falconer - 5:00 - A little eerie/sing-songy with steady drums and piano. Lots of texture and sound at the end. Strong vocals throughout, rising from beginning sing-song.
6. Sawdust - 4:40 - Super pop-y. Piano is on the track, guitar adds the upbeat feel, but it is predominantly sentimental until the end when it swells. Vocals are still standard indie pop.
7. Ingrid - 2:36 - Somewhat upbeat and has some electronic bass. Vocal harmonies and ballad-y.
8. Coward - 5:02 - Piano featured throughout. Horns come in too. A little swirly and has effects-laden guitars occasionally.
9. Tremble - 4:16 - Starts off like the title. Sentimental. Piano and textures.
10. Secret Keeper - 4:47 - Very slow and piano heavy. Glinting synths make for some interesting texture.
11. We Were Hiding - 4:58 - More rock on this track, but vocals say otherwise. Horns are featured and it does sound pretty.

Track Listing
1. Bloom   6. Sawdust
2. Sparks   7. Ingrid
3. Quietly Awake   8. Coward
4. Refrain   9. Tremble
5. The Falconer   10. Secret Keeper
  11. We Were Hiding