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Album Review
The Grunt
Reviewed 2013-10-18
Artist: Various // Album: Hell's Headbangers

Death / Black / Thrash / Some Doom METAL. Some of this stuff is pretty good. Check it.

1.) ++ Death metal with lots of overdubbed belchy vocals. Kinda sick and dirty sounding
2.) + Deep bass guitar black metal.
3.) Lo-fi and hectic. Guitars are buried, thrashy death vocals over fast drumming and noisey guitars.
4.) Same band as 3
5.) + Sounds like a Morbid Angel demo
6.) ++ Same band as 4
7.) ++ Doomy black metal ala Beherit
8.) ++ Lo-fi. Different band but more Beherit worship with whispery vocals. Band changed name to Void Meditation Cult
9.) ++ Unique throat-singy vocals (think De Mysterii dom Sathanas), these guys have their shit together.
10.) + Mid-tempo doomy black metal with GRANNY VOCALS?! It's actually a little creepy.
11.) Good sounding black metal…it just doesn't really distinguish itself from the crowd.
12.) ++ Thrashy. Lead guitars are LOUD and noisy but create a really cool abstract sound…random notes.
13.) Death metal. Nothing special.
14.) Lo-fi blackened thrash. Lots of reverb on the vox.
15.) Black metal with old-school screamo / hardcore vocals?
16.) + FCC Blackened Thrash. Nice sound but has FCC "fucking" a lot.
17.) + Old-school thrash / power metal hybrid. Fun.
18.) + FCC Doomy Death metal. FCC Very understandable "Fuck you bitch!. Groovy song actually.
19.) + Thrashing death metal.
20.) ++ More thrashy old-school death metal. Nice riffs.
21.) FCC "Fucking"
22.) ++ Interesting! Guitars sound sampled. Some REALLY deep bass if your speakers are good enough. Drum Machine. Blackened vocals. Definitely NOT trve or kvlt, but I like it.

-The Grunt

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Royal Arch Blaspheme, The Denial Of The Holy Spirit
2. Profanatica Black Cum
3. Deiphago Christ Eater
4. Deiphago Articles Of Death
5. Prosanctus Inferi Priory Darkness Of Choral Flesh
6. Prosanctus Inferi Conjugal Orgy In The Sacred Heart Of Vespers
7. Nocturnal Blood Ghouls Wrath
8. Sperm Of Antichrist Serpent Mass Litany
9. Inquisition Those Of The Night
10. Gravewurm Deeper Dungeons
11. Denouncement Pyre Salvation, The Fading Light
12. Vomitor Crimson Tide
13. Destruktor Nailed
14. Perversor March To The Temple Of Doom
15. Bestial Mockery Bestial Satanic Sacrifice
16. Bestial Mockery Raise The Chalice
17. Armour Roll Out (Or Get Rocked)
18. Disfigured Dead Beyond The Darkness
19. Crucified Mortals Perpetrator
20. Crucified Mortals Sordid Treachery
21. Cerekloth Touch Of The Scythe
22. Havohej Bloud And Souls