Horseback / A Plague Of Knowing
Album: A Plague Of Knowing   Collection:General
Artist:Horseback   Added:Oct 2013
Label:Relapse Records  

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Album Review
The Grunt
Reviewed 2013-10-10
Artist: Horseback // Album: A Plague Of Knowing
Experimental drone avante ambient rock / metal, soft noise, with occasional black metal vocals from North Carolina. This is a collection of a rarities, demos, live performances, etc. Most songs are shimmery wall-of-guitar-sound drone ambient. The second disc gets a little more electronic. There is some really good stuff on here, but it's a mixed bag. Check out my favorites at least.

My Favorites: CD1-1, CD1-7, CD2-2, CD3-1
Also Noteworthy: CD1-5, CD1-8, CD2-1, CD2-9
FCC Clean

Mostly wall-of-sound shimmering guitars with a droney / ambient feeling and black metal vocals kinda low in the mix.

1.) > > > > > Beautiful folk black metal song. folky guitars, very light overdrive, some tremolo clean guitar / synth, growly vocals. Mellow and groovy
2.) Kinda droning guitar with simple swirling organs in background. Pulsing. Abrupt silence at 3:55, don't worry.
3.) Shimmering wall of guitar noise, goes quiet around 4:10. Feel free to fade out...
4.) Minimal bass guitar with nice playful guitar feedback noises filling in the cracks. Droney guitar chords. Growls.
5.) > Rapid but light pulsings of tremoloed guitar, interweaving high-pitched feedback tones, melancholy growling.
6.) Shimmering wall of guitar noise, drone ambient feeling.
7.) > > > Speedy melodic black metal with barely any distortion and OBVIOUS drum machine. Really interesting feeling, it almost sounds like it was played slowly and sped up. Abrupt change at 2:30 to softness and light noise.
8.) > Soft speedy guitar, warm vibrating glow rises, buried robot growls. Soothing. Starts slow fadeout at 5:30
9.) Light dancing synth tones, fade in warm glow drone
10.) Lo-fi live cover of The Stooges "TV Eye" with blackened vokills

This material is more on the electronic and synthy side

1.) > Minimal electronic, not metal at all, clean echoey vocals talking.
2.) > > > Who let Throbbing Gristle into the party? Old school industrial noise.
3.) Tribal beat with helicopter-like low electronic rumbling. A little bit of feedback noise play over the top.
4.) Simple drum machine, clean guitar chords, simple melody. Some lost minimal jam from the 70s.
5.) Dark deep slow ominous synth
6.) Rock-based drone, light squelching squealing noises over top. Moog arpeggios at the end.
7.) Harmonium, eventual drums, extended simple repetitive rock drone.
8.) Short but peaceful drone
9.) > Playful electronic tones with a mellow slide guitar in the back. Feels light and relaxing.
10.) Simple rock with drum machine and clean vocals
11.) Same as #4 -- No appreciable difference
12.) Same as #6 (Demo version) -- No appreciable difference

Drone Ambient

1.) > > > Slow moving feedback drone. No beat. Dark but mellow.
2.) Wall of guitar sound, soft but incessant driving beat. No variation. Starts to fade out a minute early.

-The Grunt

Track Listing
1. On The Eclipse   13. Retribution
2. High Ashen Slab   14. Do You Have A True Feeling? (Plagued Version)
3. Another World   15. Luciferian Theme
4. Heathen Earth   16. North Star Struck (Plagued Version)
5. Milh   17. Transparency (Murdered Again)
6. Ihvh   18. Blood Loop
7. Thee Cult Of Henry Flynt   19. Clattering Info Aggregators
8. Oblivion Eaters   20. Recite
9. Broken Orb   21. Do You Have A True Feeling? (Stolen Fire Version)
10. Tv Eye (Live)   22. North Star Struck (Destroyed Demo Version)
11. Stolen Fire   23. Impale Golden Live
12. Murdered   24. A Plague Of Knowing