Ardoin, Sean / Final Chapter...New Beginning Cd Sampler
Album: Final Chapter...New Beginning Cd Sampler   Collection:Blues
Artist:Ardoin, Sean   Added:Sep 2013
Label:Zydekool Records  

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Time 2 Party

Album Review
Lola Love - Zydeco Lady
Reviewed 2013-09-27
The "Final Chapter…New Beginning" Sampler, simply put, is outstanding and a must have! The CD is a fresh blend of old school and new school Zydeco, incorporating elements of vintage Southern Soul, R & B, clever lyrics and exceptional musical talent. "Nobody listens to one type of music anymore, so we strive to make the Zydekool sound multidimensional. Why would it not be that, we don't do anything halfway." It is not a pure Zydeco CD, but you should not let that prevent you from picking up one heck of an album!!! If the Sampler is a preview of the full CD, we may be looking at something very special.

1) 4:19 Time 2 Party, is a Zydeco dance tune in line with the whole Zydeco vibe…highly energetic, the song begins in classic "Zydekool style", with a grandiose, fully hyped introduction.

2) 4:01 I Can't Go On (Without You) , is a smooth Zydeco love song expressing the emotions between two people deeply in love. The lyrics come together like poetry and add a powerful dimension to an otherwise solid musical piece:

3) 4:31 Make Luv Inn, is a steamy R & B song written by "Big" Rob, Southern Soul artist and the hype man in the legendary R & B group Zap featuring the late Roger Troutman and arranged by Sean Ardoin.

4) 4:00 Grown Folks, This song is a "must hear" for anyone over the age of twenty five. A southern soul hit is coming your way!

5) 3:32 Love is What I'm Asking For , is a very different track in that is a hybrid Zydeco and swing-out song. Sean Ardoin and Zydekool collaborate with Jeremy Frugé of Jeremy and the Zydeco Hot Boyz on the accordion to produce a smooth swing-out/zydeco song.

6) 4:59 Love Me Back, is a hot zydeco track and is a song about a lost love. An exceptional song that has a fresh sound and is cutting edge.

7) 4:04 Back 2 the Sand is a bonus track and, perhaps, the biggest surprise of the CD sampler. It is an acoustic arrangement bringing light on a new phenomenon in the United States, women going off to war. "This song is from the perspective of a husband whose wife has come back from Iraq and must return to the fight." Sean voice is complimented by an acoustic guitar.

Track Listing
1. Time 2 Party   4. Grown Folks
2. I Can't Go On (Without You)   5. Love Is What I'm Asking For
3. Make Luv Inn   6. Love Me Back
  7. Back 2 The Sand (Bonus)