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Album Review
Reviewed 2013-09-18
Reissue of the 1969/70 debut of Twink, UK psych musician, on Sunbeam Records. Connections (of band members) can probably made to every well-known UK psych band that wasn't known for only commercial reasons from the era. Not the Coachella hipsters of their time; these guys played outside Isle of Wight, Bath, etc. in protest, for free. Alternates between being charmingly dated and timeless. RIYL: The Pretty Things, pre-Meddle Floyd, Syd Barrett, The Deviants, Pink Fairies, Tyrannosaurus Rex. Foggy: London fog, SF fog, mental fog. As a former bootleg buyer of the scene, yeah this kicks almost all late-60s UK psych out of the water. Bonus tracks may be better than the album, and were prepared with involvement of the artist; check them out!

1 (3:42) "In the year 1999 and 7 months..." 60's psychedelic reverbed, shouted apocalyptic prophecy, and then shouting/barking, over droning Eastern/British instrumentation
*2 (4:29) Warped psych-pop, great rhythm, natural vs artificial imagery, soaring soft druggy backing vox, tremendously large solos
3 (1:45) Wandering instrumentation, incl. strings, woodwinds, behind meandering vox; drony cousin of a hare krishna chant
*4 (5:18) Rainy day psych-blues-sky; slow, reverbed plod intermixed with insane guitar solos.
5 (4:05) Groovin' psych jam, vaguely sexual female vox/moans, big solos
6 (5:27) Noisy feedbacky, pounding circus march drums, shouting
7 (2:42) Spoken fairy tale beginning; groovy, bouncing tune
8 (4:23) Acoustic; a little darker, Eastern flavor; soft, xylophoney parts, about suicide
9 (3:12) "Three little piggies," lots of shouted-sung vox about piggies, chimes like hell, full on screamed man-being-British-woman at end. "Oink oink." Manson? Cops? People? does it matter?
10 (2:23) Psychy post-Dylan, pre-Bowie, the moral of the album
--- Bonus Tracks ---
*11 (3:25) Lo-fi version of track 2; not quite a demo, probably an early take. Brassy. The solos are so "lo-fi", way less intricate, I love it
12 (4:40) Dated; charmingly dated, but very dated. Good wizard vs. bad wizard "I've cast 5... good spells... vs your 4 naughty... spells"
13 (4:54) Another lo-fi version of track 2; good, but only play if you've played 2 and 11 on your show already
14 (3:24) Bell on a string introand outro; hella long druggy version of 3
*15 (3:40) Alt. version of 5, fucking awesome, electric jamming, jarring, great percussion, some joint on Valencia will be playing a band who keeps a similar style but is worse, tonight
16 (4:19) Drummy, meandering guitar version of 5. Laid-back bass/guitar, drums just groove along.
*17 (2:15) Snappy, synthy, version of 7. File in with the Modern Lovers for being ahead of their time. Nice groove, sparse vox.
18 (3:10) Alt. version of 8, reverbed, echoed, handclapped

Track Listing
1. The Coming Of The Other One   9. Three Little Piggies
2. 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box   10. The Sparrow Is A Sign
3. Dawn Of Magic   11. 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box
4. Tiptoe On The Highest Hill   12. Dawn Of Magic Alt Version
5. Fluid   13. Fluid Alt Version
6. Mexican Grass War   14. Fluid Alt Version 2
7. Rock An'roll The Joint   15. Rock An'roll Joint Al Version
8. Suicide   16. Suicide Alt Version