Baba Rams, The / 1988
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Artist:Baba Rams, The   Added:Aug 2013

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Sylia (Pt. 2), Sylia (Pt. 1)

Album Review
Reviewed 2013-09-05
Artist: The Baba Rams Album: 1988
Genre: Ambient
RIYL: Redwood, Gliss, Ghostphone
The Baba Rams is a band based on Chicago. They have also released some singles and albums such as Day Out of Time, Runaway Love, Brand New Car, and Brainwaves. Their music prefers a combination of distance, aeriality, minimalism, and serenity. Quiet music for sleeping.
FCC clean

1. Sprouting (1.45)- fantastical blizzard, sweet hallucination with wooshing sounds whirling in your ears; spatial and immense; effects slowly fades out into the next song; not the perfect song for airplay.
2. Cradle (5.08)- Delicacy sprinkled; embraced by fur; soft and soothing; late night driving on the highway; minimal effects; thin layer but with emotions.
3. Sylia (Pt. 1) (15.40)- spellbinding; haunting beauty; dim sparkles; sea’s rhythmic and meek breathe; immobile and sluggish.
4. Sylia (Pt. 2) (18.16)- nocturnal, detached; a snowy night walking alone on a suburban street; reserved and vulnerable; a fairy’s surrealistic dream that brings you into the foreign world.
5. Beyond (2.21)- processed effects fades in; more active than previous songs; menacing, a different mood presented; unorthodox; sci-fi setting; a space tragedy - Moon; slight mix of longing and yearning feeling around 1:46 and perishes.

Track Listing
1. Sprouting   3. Sylia (Pt. 1)
2. Cradle   4. Sylia (Pt. 2)
  5. Beyond