São Paulo Underground / Beija Flors Velho E Sojo
Album: Beija Flors Velho E Sojo   Collection:General
Artist:São Paulo Underground   Added:Aug 2013
Label:Cuneiform Records  

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Album Review
Eme O
Reviewed 2014-06-24
Tropical Electronic Experimental JAZZ, which makes sense with the mention of this name: Rob Mazurek (here collaborating with Guilherme Granado, Mauricio Takara on their 4th SPU album). Cornet, Keyboards, Percussion, etc. Required here: patience, attention, an ability to remain calm as your mind is opened wide. On second thought, too much attention might lead to resistance. Like falling from a great height, it might do better to just relax, let it happen, take a deep breath when it’s done. Instrumental. Play any. Faves: 3,4,7,10 ~eme o.

1. Ol’ Dirty Hummingbird (4:36) Jumps right to attention, mid-fast, energetic cornet, loping drum/bass. Rhythm slows ~1:05, drum/bass volume drop, sax becomes contemplative/tribal. Volume/rhythm re-build ~2:13, then drop out to spaciness ~2:30, thudding back into contemplation ~3:39. Ends as suddenly as began.

2. Into the Rising Sun (2:35) Starts off with dance rhythm before moving to the jazzy side. Buzzing electronic sounds punctuate the atmosphere. Drops right into...

3. Arnus Nusar (7:47) Bouncy electronic bass, synth sounds. Mopey rhythm to start. Electric guitar, trilling metallic insects. It’s like three things going on at once, things small and skittering, slow and expansive, bassy and steady. Sound mix changes ~3:11, percussion fading to the fore, then some other stuff happens. Chaotic but not messy. Ends more quietly, drums and cornet, then cornet solo, then ethereal static. Leads right into...

4. Over the Rainbow (3:06) Piano, drums, slow, brain balm. Yes, a cover of the classic tune. Yes, Dorothy, there is an eye at the center of that tornado. Ends with spacey sounds, slow fade-out to silence.

5. Evetch (2:31) Mid-tempo, kind of an Afrobeat sound in the guitar. But there’s also a hint of bossa nova in the horns, a taste of rock in the drums/guitar. Almost like a remix of a Ricky Ricardo tune. Almost. Ends with… casio sounds? Nope, that’s the next song starting.

6. Six-Handed Casio (4:04) Casio sounds, persistent drumming, blaring horn. Gets quieter, some layers of sound dropping out, ~1:40. Fade out to silence.

7. The Love I Felt For You is More Real Than Ever (3:16) Brief ethereal intro, then the cornet et al enter. That pattern repeats ~0:25, ~0:49. Cheerful, almost smooth. Rhythm becomes driving ~1:10. Gets quieter ~3:00.

8. Basilio’s Crazy Wedding Song (3:00) Starts off with crazy almost 70s-funk rhythm. There’s that smooth jazz sound again, almost like The Love Boat, on a chaotic sea, stormy sky above. Drums become almost martial for a moment. Sudden drop-out to silence ~2:55. It’s a relief (not in a bad way, it means the boat didn’t capsize I think).

9. A Arvore de Cereja Ausente (3:01) Ambient, gong-like rhythms and incomprehensible singing (in Portuguese I am guessing, from the accent because no words come through). Ends with silence.

10. Taking Back The Sea Is No Easy Task (4:34) Possibly the most normal jazz opening, sound reminiscent of 70s-era Dating Game, for a moment. Moves rapidly forward to modern times, remains accessible mostly. Sound change ~1:35, discernible melody. Rhythm gets all Sir-Mix-A-Lot ~2:00 and soon thereafter things get weird. Gets back to accessible ~4:00.

Track Listing
1. Ol' Dirty Hummingbird   6. Six-Handed Casio
2. Into The Rising Sun   7. The Love I Feel For You Is More Real Than Ever
3. Arnus Nusar   8. Basilio's Crazy Wedding Song
4. Over The Rainbow   9. A Arvore De Cereja É Ausente
5. Evetch   10. Taking Back The Sea Is No Easy Task