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Album Review
Reviewed 2013-07-31
This is a compilation put together by organizers of the PDX Pop Now! fest in Portland, which celebrates local music every year and compiles a lot of the scene's best tracks into one album. Some great tracks and artists are represented here, and for your convenience, highlights by genre are as follows:

Synth-pop: 1-1!, 1-2, 1-18
Garage: 1-5, 1-8 (FCC)
Hipster hip-hop: 1-16 (FCC)
Indie-folk: 1-19
Girl group indie-pop: 2-3

RIYL: Menomena, The Decemberists, Chromatics

***1 (4:31) Nighttime synthpop, cinematic funky bassline, from critics' 2012 darlings Chromatics
*2 (3:11) Clean synth+guitar pop, touch of nervous energy, young sounding fem vox
3 (3:08) Glitchy indie-pop, drumstick noise, vox like a darker Ben Gibbard, backing vox Radiohead
4 (3:28) ~8 sec quiet intro; upbeat, straightforward indie-rock, a bit garagey, yodely M vox
**5 (3:23) Slow western surf intro, things pick up a minute in and it becomes an all-in garage-psych onslaught. Reminds me of Master's Bedroom era Thee Oh Sees, Guantanamo Baywatch
6 (3:51) Currently trendy indie-rock (Bon Iver, Local Natives, maybe Vampire Weekend) especially in the vox, with some surfy licks for flavor.
7 (4:14) Total 80s pop throwback, sounds like a b-side to "Come On Eileen" in that the voice, backing vox, melodies, synths, drums, seem to be the same; chorus is more modern sounding, sounds like it was designed to get kids bouncing at a festival
8 (**FCC FUCK) (3:19) Awesome garage-punk in the vein of the Stooges, medium-lo-fi. Too bad about the FCC, it's in an 8 sec voc sample at beginning if you're inclined to hide it
9 (FCC SHITTY) (3:37) Just like the Arcade Fire, with bigger emphasis on horns.
10 (3:41) Singer-songwriter voice with a big backing band and handclaps, self-doubting lyrics with monster imagery, somewhat cheery music
11 (3:45) Focus on drums and nostalgic keys, Joanna Newsom-inspired vox but way less extreme (I'm guessing the band is named after one of her songs)
12 (3:09) Bongos, falsetto vox, I'm a bad boy lyrics, goes after a soul/funk feeling
13 (4:40) Slow and psychy, bass and drums provide backing to slightly soulful fem vox, backing "ooh-ooh-oohs," post-rocky guitar comes in second half
14 (4:02) Driving psychy drum+guitar with a touch of spaghetti western feeling, heavily distorted M vox
15 (3:06) Stevie Wonder Innervisions meets synth pop and Ben Gibbard vocals. Also the guy singing looks just like Ben Gibbard
16 (*FCC MOTHERFUCKERS) (3:49) Melodic hip-hop, slow and spoke-sung rather than rapped. Lots of piano alongside synths/horns
17 (3:03) Upbeat guit+drums rock, reminds me of recent Scottish indie-rock (Frightened Rabbit, We Were Promised Jetbacks) with vox buried and no Scottish accents
*18 (4:26) Downtempo synthpop, nice guitar flourishes work really well to provide rhythm to the song. Dreamy F vox
*19 (2:32) Rhythmic folk, sparse, driving, upbeat, vox a bit like the Tallest Man on Earth
20 (1:58) 60s folk-rock flavor, with hints of country-rock and modern synth technology. Features Ben Gibbard, Zooey Deschanel, Eric Earley (Blitzen Trapper)
21 (2:38) Slightly dark folk song, Mexican-inspired, fem vox, M/F backing vox. Reminds me a bit of Laura Gibson

Disc 2

1 (3:43) Sparse, chiming instruments open, gradually builds, piano/drums come in. Mesh all the eras of Sufjan Stevens together, make his voice deeper, and you might get this
2 (FCC SHIT) (3:42) Straightforward psychy indie-pop structure, owes heavily to 60s, abrasively nasal M vox, repetitive
*3 (3:22) Really nice indie-pop with F vox, girl group chorus, surf and synthpop touches, really a great blending of many influences
4 (3:49) Upbeat dreamy indie-pop/rock, low fem vox, it sounds like there's a triangle in here
5 (4:11) Distorted but melodic and dancy electropop. Lots of whirring, with buried, unintelligible vox.
6 (3:01) Owl City meets boy band; "let's make this night ours- ours ours ours ours" kind of lyrics, probably not too KZSUesque
7 (3:41) Straightforward, midtempo, synthy indie-pop-rock
8 (FCC PUSSY, SHIT) (2:58) Hip-hop over a minimal, repetitive, synthy beat that repeats all song before a few synth notes at the end
9 (2:31) Shuffling upbeat drums, jagged guitars, jangly garage pop with a late 70s/early 80s touch. Pretty good
10 (FCC BULLSHIT) (2:57) Poppy, slightly beachy tune with a lot of piano. Straightforward but good
11 (4:00) Lots of instruments here, marimba, sax, has a kind of loungy, jungle (not the genre) theme running through it, vox and intensity come in during the final 90 seconds, where it gets a bit prog rocky too
12 (3:56) 80s pop again. A Flock of Seagulls chills with a few math rock guys, and they listen to the Beach Boys full discography (including Kokomo) before they all write a song
13 (2:23) Lo-fi garagey, obscured but searing fem vox, great buzzy rhythm guitar. Phone ring+"hello?" sample end song
14 (2:57) Bluesy, calm indie pop. Androgynous but probably fem vox, pulls a lot of indie tricks: drum fills, a cappella sections, folk sections, synth sections
15 (3:41) Folky but loud indie-pop, fem vox, RIYL Laura Gibson. Lyrics about blowing stuff up, being the queen of the damned.
16 (4:20) Super indie-poppy, wearing their P4K hearts on their sleeves. Dreamy, high-pitched M vox, feel the pot smoke blowing in your face as you see these guys early on at a big festival
17 (3:57) Synth-pop, for 19 year olds who attended Warped Tour 2 years before. Vibraphonic
18 (2:17) Liz Phair psyched up a bit, traditional psych "ah-ah-ah-ah"s
19 (3:41) Trip-hoppy, fem lead vox with backing roboto vox, electro-xylophone leads it, mildly white funky
20 (3:14) '13s trendy summer indie-pop a la Local Natives vox, guits and dimmer festival pop flavors
21 (FCC caution, a la liners, possibly "god damn") (3:27) Slightly garagey, light psych-pop, classic rock tones
22 (3:58) Garagey, bluesy loud M vox. Band describes selves as "post-funk" and that or funk-indie-rock is probably a good descriptor

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Chromatics Cherry
2. Wild Ones Golden Twin
3. Sama Dams Pretty Ghosts
4. Aan Mystery Life
5. Shivas, The You Know What To Do
6. Animal Eyes Bender
7. Adventure Galley Addict
8. Ghostapes Girls
9. And And And The Joy Of Cooking
10. Just Lions Monsters
11. Swansea Brighter
12. Casey Burge Agent Of Corruption
13. Mount Mazama Bystander (Live)
14. Skip Roxy The Dreams
15. Dave Depper Never Worked So Hard
16. Sapient Shotgun In My Spaceship
17. Woolen Men, The In Time
18. Wishyunu Sprayy
19. Death Songs New Son
20. Mike Coykendall The Hippie Girl
21. Y La Bamba Oh February
22. - --- Disc 2 ---
23. Typhoon 1. Green
24. Log Across The Washer 2. Electric Blanket
25. Radiation City 3. Zombies
26. Wl 4. Wasted Thoughts
27. Bombs Into You 5. Play It On
28. Magic Fades 6. Sims Hunk
29. Lava 7. Humanwave
30. Re Dupre 8. Revelations
31. Queued Up 9. Coat Check
32. Nick Jaina 10. Don't Come To Me
33. Datura Blues 11. We Are All This Way
34. Old Light 12. Ocean Waves
35. Teenspot 13. The Hero
36. Eidolon 14. Yellow Wallpaper
37. Catherine Feeny 15. Fourth Of July
38. Village Green, The 16. Manatee
39. Ntnt 17. The Attitude
40. Summer Cannibals 18. Wear Me Out
41. Electric Ill 19. Rock For You
42. Sean Flinn 20. Lost Weekend
43. Wampire 21. Trains
44. Magic Mouth 22. Flounce (Live)