Lynch, David / Big Dream, The
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Artist:Lynch, David   Added:Jul 2013
Label:Sacred Bones Records  

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Album Review
Wallace Brontoon
Reviewed 2013-07-21
A new album by David Lynch-- more of what he calls "Modern Blues." It's hazy electro-blues with strange vocals by Lynch himself. His voice is high, reedy and capable of weird effects. The whole thing is dreamlike, less weird than "Crazy Clown Time," but still unlike anything else you're likely to run across. It's all of a similar quality. Check the track-by-track, but you can't do wrong.

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1 (4:07) *** Echo chamber drum beat blues, slow. Processed vocals "love is the name", childlike murmurings of nature, dreams. Eventually stabbing electric guitar sound enters. There's a very digital incompleteness to the audio-- it feels lossy and empty, in a creepy way.
2 (3:27) *** Folksy midtempo stomping: "Let me tell you all a story." Creepy chomping drumbeat below a storytelling delta-blues storyteller, swimming in mud of techno-nightmare. It's impossible to understand much/anything of what he's saying, but it somehow comes off.
3 (3:48) **** Thin-sounding refrigerator hiss, slow. Reedy vox going on about lost love "hope you come back real soon," with moaning, and a lot of creepy details: "one foot had a red sock...." "gonna pin that monkey..." What is going on??
4 (3:49) *** Softer Twin Peaks-esque strings, very slow. Hazy windy mountainous sounds. Echoey vox: "cold wind blowing..." Unsettling reverse-tape sound-- spoken "I can see your smile now." A very peaceful and majestic sound, as a whole.
5 (5:12) **** BOB DYLAN COVER+proccessed electro sounds + omninous haze, slow. Life of a desperate and poor man, can't support family, kills them and himself. Sung with fidelity to the original lyrics-- sung the same way, and the story comes clear. Not innovative, but effective.
6 (3:39) ** Heavy percussion, loud. Midtempo, dancy haze. Stabby processed vox. Etheral and unintelligible, maybe a little too modern-sounding, sounds a little less timeless than other tracks. Something to do a wishing well.
7 (3:58) ****** Sparse midtempo heavy drum. Creepy clear vox in front, menacing but unclear. "What's shakin in that little silk dress." '50s-ish cruiser swank vibe to atmosphere, but extremely unsettling. A Blue Velvet vibe. Continues talking about the people in this hazy story - "like a dream..." Sudden out. GREAT TRACK.
8 (4:00) **** Smokey slow drumbeat. A train song, slow creepy modern blues: "sixteen coaches long..." then about ice cream store story. "When I came home, the ice cream was gone..." WONDERFUL LYRIC. "We rolled together." Goes on and on, an ambient infinite blues...
9 (4:40) **** Midtempo clicking guitar. Hillbilly weirdo vox: "There a lot of pretty girls in this studio..." Processed vox, but weird goober drooling vibe. Unintelliglbe, unsettling. Heavy crunchy guitar. Sudden ending, but vocals go a capella at end: "No, no no..."
10 (3:47) *** Muffled slow drums. Moaning vox muffled in back. "I love you so" Increase in intensity at it goes.
11 (6:01) ***** Midtempo heavy drum beat, but synthey glory-filled sounds (think Vangelis) all around. "Get in my car." Kicks into dramatic minor mode... "Cause youre the only one that broke my heart." The swirly cloudy dramatic mood is less weird here than elsewhere, but it maintains a nice groove.
12 (3:46) * Major chords midtempo (Julee Cruise backing sounds soundalike) "Stand up". Strangely earnest motivational sound to this one. A little treacly sweet synthey sounds, in my opinion.

-Hervey Okkles

Track Listing
1. The Big Dream   7. Say It
2. Star Dream Girl   8. We Rolled Together
3. Last Call   9. Sun Can't Be Seen No More
4. Cold Wind Blowin   10. I Want You
5. The Ballad Of Hollis Brown   11. The Line It Curves
6. Wishing Well   12. Are You Sure